Hazardous Ken Has Some Sexy Bump and Grind

cuffin-smallMmmmm. This shit is delicious. Hazardous Ken‘s Cuffin Season is a collection of seven succulent Quiet Storm-worthy bump and grind Hip Hop songs that take me back to my college days in South Florida. During that time, me and my girlfriends were often the only white chicks in a particular R&B club. Were we popular? Hell yes! Did we learn to grind our bodies to some slow sexy jams? Uh huh. But more importantly, I learned to appreciate and love this style of music.

The album is actually one of the more pro-woman chunks of Hip Hop I’ve heard in a while. It’s short on the ‘bitch and ho’ mentality that ruins so many hip hop songs for me. Instead, we get a heaping helping of female adoration, where a man’s heart is stripped of all pretenses and he expresses how much he really loves (or in many cases) lusts for his woman.

One track that immediately got my attention was Cue. In it, a guy is absolutely sure the girl he wants is too good for the man she’s with. He serenades her here, telling her he’s Waiting for his cue to swoop in and win her affections. The writer obviously knows his way around a woman’s heart. What female wouldn’t want to know she has options if her man turns out to be no good for her?

Sex Machine follows that formula to it’s next stage. Sex. Of course, it always cums to that! He believes his girl is so sexy, she must be a witch who has cast a spell on him. To put it bluntly, he wants to be her sex slave and couldn’t be happier about it. Her satisfaction in the sheets is his mission in life and far exceeds his own needs.

Another standout track, Natural Disaster, breaks it down raw. Let’s forget about all the hearts and flowers and sweet nothings whispered in the heat of passion. Sex with this woman is like thunder and lightening and floods (opps!) and all manner of natural disasters. Was that an earthquake or did we just climax together?

If R. Kelly/Keith Sweat inspired slow jams is your thing, you’re going to absolutely love this collection. It’s on the Brooklyn-based indie record label Hazardous Hitz and can be downloaded absolutely free! 

Here’s a sample.