Happy Valentine’s Day!

I could hardly contain my excitement – today was Valentine’s Day. Thoughts of the intimate pleasures we would share filled my brain and I dreamed about him touching and stroking every inch of my body. I looked around my home with satisfaction. Lit candles were strategically placed en route to the bedroom, the table was set with fresh flowers, and a bottle of sparkling wine and two champagne flutes were in the refrigerator. A note by the door that read, “Come upstairs if you dare.” I peeled off my clothes and dropped them on the floor, one piece at a time.

I didn’t have long to wait. I heard the car pull up, the door opening, and finally I heard his voice. “I’m here,” he called. He laughed as he read the note and noticed my clothes strewn all over the stairs. “I dare,” he responded. I heard him bounding up the stairs and my heart started pounding with anticipation. He burst into the room and we exchanged steamy looks.

We kissed as his hands slid all over my body. I loved the way he touched me and I couldn’t wait to feel his naked body, so I stripped off his clothes and pushed him onto the bed. I turned on my favorite CD and began to do a slow striptease. While I was dancing for him, my hands began to roam all over my body and my gaze slid down to his erect penis. My discarded lingerie mingled with his clothes on the floor.

Finally he couldn’t stand the tension and teasing any more. “Come here,” he growled as he pulled me on to the bed. “You’re in for it now. I’ll teach you what happens when you tease me.” He massaged my body until slowly his kneading melted into something more sensual. His hands brushed over my body and his tongue followed closely behind. He worked his way back up to my face and we kissed again, each of us greedily sucking the other’s lips. “That feels so good,” I mumbled through my pleasure.

His attention moved to my full breasts where he lapped and licked my nipples. He closed his eyes and breathed in my fresh scent. “You smell good enough to eat,” he said, “and that’s just what I intend to do.” His tongue trailed down around my navel then lower still to my thighs. He pushed them apart and gently cupped my buttocks with his hands while his mouth continued to brushed against my skin. Finally he moved to my sweet spot.

As he spread my lips apart he could feel how wet I was. He slid a finger into my vagina and probed deeply. I thrust my pelvis up toward him so he put another finger inside me, stimulating my G-spot as he caressed my clit with his tongue. I was writhing in ecstasy and I wanted him so intensely. His tongue began to move faster and faster while his fingers were thrusting and twisting, driving me closer and closer to the point of no return.

“Oh my,” I said, “that feels amazing! I don’t want you to stop, but you have to or I’m going to come all over you. Please, let me pleasure you now,” I pleaded. I pushed him down on the bed and kissed him passionately. Breaking away, I let my breasts hang down and moved them in a caress all over his chest. Then I trailed my tongue down and around his chest all the way to his pubic hair.

I encouraged his fingers to play with my clitoris and vagina while I put my lips on his rock hard penis. I sucked on his head, softly and shallowly at first, then pulling it deeper and deeper into my mouth. My mouth and tongue were moving up and down and I moistened my hand and gripped his shaft to provide him with even more intense pleasure. Every now and then I would circle my tongue around his balls or the head of his penis. My tongue found the spot on the underside of his balls that drove him crazy and I flicked it back and forth until finally neither one of us could take it any longer. “I want you inside me,” I demanded. “And I want it doggie style.”

“Works for me,” he said, as he urged me onto my knees. He positioned himself behind me and cupped my breasts. His cock was ready to burst as he guided it to my wet and waiting vagina. He began moving slowly in and out of me, going deeper with every movement. “You feel so good!” I exclaimed. As he thrust into me I pushed back against him, rolling my hips in a way that provided friction and pleasure for both.

I tightened my vaginal muscles and sent him into orbit. At the same time, I used one hand to rub my clitoris and within seconds I was gasping for breath and feeling my whole body climax like it never had before. We rocked together a few more moments, enjoying every orgasmic spasm and then sagged together onto the bed.

Sated, he curled up behind me, cupping my breast in his right hand. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” we said simultaneously as we lay on the bed enjoying the contentment of the moment.

Lansing, MI