Greengasms: Solar-powered Vibe

When Transcendentalists like author Henry David Thoreau pioneered the American environmental movement its a safe bet they weren’t thinking about “greengasms,” climaxes from eco-friendly sex toys. But green considerations have prompted many to rethink the way they do things, including something as natural as cumming! Enter the  solar-powered bullet vibe! Put this one on your top ten list of things you’d like to have if you were stranded on a desert island. Is your lover the rugged outdoors type who likes to have fun in the woods? Too bad for for you! While he’s out playing with his fishing poles you’re left sweaty and horny thinking of other types of poles! Solar-powered bullet vibe to the rescue! Thinking of going green and doing your part for the environment? Ditch the batteries and hook yourself up to this!

Deceptively powerful, this two speed bullet vibe provides an hour of pulsating pleasure when fully charged and it’s cell pack is about the size of an i-phone or MP3 player – a discreet look that makes it perfect for your next camping trip or lounging by the pool.

Charging the solar bullet is simple. Exposure to outdoor or indoor light for a few hours does the trick. A sliding control on the cell pack controls the orgasmic intensity and cleaning it is easy.

Packaged in a box printed to environmentally responsible Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, the solar bullet is the perfect gift for your open-minded and environmentally-conscience friends or reduce your own carbon footprint and keep this one all to yourself! Click over to Babeland and grab yours.