Greendragonfly is skillfully crafted fun

Postpunk alternative music is a wide-ranging label to hang on any band. There are so many sub-genres that often intermarry and create a unique style for most bands that embrace the style. Greendragonfly is a perfect example. Are they grunge? Punk? Electronica? That, of course, is in the ear of the beholder. What most eclectic music fans will agree on, though, is the music being created by this group is skillfully crafted fun – like music should be.

Formed in 2010 by Anna Pons Lazaro and Dmitry Tikov, Greendragonfly is based in Barcelona, Spain and is part of a new wave of female-fronted hard rockers extolling a sense of ‘girl power’ in their music, whether physically as in the campy video for their song Master Yoda vs. Vampire or sexually as portrayed in the clip for Ibiza Mojito Rock. Think B-52s meets Nirvana and you’ll get a general idea of their music. Fresh by today’s standards, you’ll want to play songs like ‘Maria,’ ‘Cool Natasha‘ and ‘Heavens Gift‘ repeatedly.

Visit them on iTunes and grab a free track right here:

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.