Goth Rockers with a message

Dark and brooding comes to many people’s minds when they hear the word ‘goth,’ and too often those in that lifestyle are more than willing to propagate their own stereotype. It’s been my experience, though, that goths are very deep thinkers who choose to express themselves in a way outside the norm. That’s why it may surprise people to hear Madness of the Night, a goth-rock band who have something important to say. The message in their music is progressive, for the common person struggling under oppressive political and religious systems. It’s actually a theme found quite often in goth culture but this band just might bring their brand of it to the mainstream.

Fronted by a powerhouse female vocalist, Beirut-born Abir was raised in a strict Arabic home where having feminist thoughts and questioning religion were major taboos. So dangerous are such subversive philosophies in her culture she could have had the same fate as Malala Yousufzai. But her music and husband/musical partner Daniel paved her way to the West. With her band now making music marked not only by its aggressiveness and assertiveness but also its message, Abir is a role model for oppressed girls everywhere.

Musically, Madness of the Night owes a debt of gratitude to early 80s new wave acts like Missing Persons, another groups with a strong female leader. We Are Gothrockers and We Don’t Care is reminiscent of Words, though a tad bit heavier (understatement!) and with a political message. Anti-racism and tolerance are a common theme in many of their songs, State of Madness for example. She Is The Demon is a dark ballad about a woman escaping an abusive and destructive relationship.

Stop by their Reverbnation page and listen to 14 of their songs – some you can download. Enjoy!