Good Fortune

Halloween—a time for playing tricks and getting treats. My favorite holiday always guarantees plenty of sexy surprises. Who’s behind the mask? What’s going on in that darkened corner? I was determined to make the most of this devilish occasion by dressing up and letting loose. Silver hoop earrings dusted my bare shoulders. Bejeweled rings sparkled on all of my fingers. A crystal ball glowed as I rolled it gently between my palms. Catching the light from the many twisting candles positioned around the room, that polished orb seemed to throw out a glistening beam all its own. And that arrow of light was aimed at one particular person: Ray, my number-one crush.

I’d had my eye on him for months, and I could tell that he was interested in me as well. A stunningly good-looking architect who works on the floor below my advertising agency, he’s tall and broad-chested, with dark brown eyes, sleek black hair and a killer smile. He had captivated my attention from our first introduction, and we’d flirted dangerously in the elevator too many times not to act on that attraction. But nothing had ever happened. At least, not yet.

So for Halloween I decided to play with fate. The posh restaurant in the lobby of our office building was hosting its annual costume party, and I knew Ray was going to be there. Dressed as a sultry soothsayer, I waited to see what he would do.

He appeared as James Bond, clad in a refined tux, holding a martini glass and wearing his standard sly smile. As soon as he saw me, he made his way over. “Telling fortunes tonight?” he asked in a bad Sean Connery accent that made me laugh.

“Try me—”

“What do I have to do? Give you my birth date and Social Security number?”

“You simply have to let me hold your hand,” I told him.

“He set down his drink and offered his palm up instantly. Slowly, I traced my fingertips along the intersecting lines. “I see intense passion in your future,” I murmured, liking the weight of his warm hand resting on mine. I could easily picture it touching my naked body, exploring, moving lower until it landed exactly where I most craved.

“Really?” he asked, looking down. “That’s odd, because I see something else entirely.”

“What would that be?”

“Your panties,” he whispered in my ear. “I can clearly see them on the floor of my office.”

My heart pulsed in my throat, but I managed to ask, “What else do you see?”

“Your legs spread,” he said, and I sighed as I envisioned the image. “Oh, yeah,” he continued in that husky tone, “I picture those lean, race-horse legs of yours spread wide apart. So I can see your pretty pussy. See it before I bring my mouth to your lips and taste the sweetness dripping from them—”

“And then—” I prompted, my voice hoarse.

His mouth nuzzled my ear and the heat of his breath on my skin made my pussy throb dramatically. “I see me fucking you, your lovely face changing as you come, those eyelashes fluttering, lips parting, your cunt pulling on my cock.”


“This way,” he said, grabbing one of the candles from a nearby table. Still holding my hand, he led me from the restaurant to the marbled lobby. In the elevator up to his office, I said, “What else, Ray? What else do you see?”

“Just this,” he said, handing over the candle and then pulling my stretchy blue velvet top over my shoulders and down, revealing my tits captured in a strapless black lace bra. He slid my bra down to free my breasts and then bent to suckle. Holding the crystal ball in one hand and the candle in the other, I closed my eyes and arched my back, loving the warm feeling of his mouth against my nipples. As if he were the true mind reader, he guessed exactly what I like, firmly biting each one between his teeth. A fresh flood of juices washed down between my legs.

Oh, Ray,” I moaned. “More. Do it harder.” He nipped at my breasts gently, and then less gently, alternating between licking, kissing and biting. It took all of my concentration to keep the candle upright in my hand so that the wax wouldn’t spill and the candle wouldn’t go out. I liked the way our shadows moved in the light, and I wondered how far we were going to go in the elevator.

The bells chimed precisely at this moment, and the doors swung open onto an empty hallway. Ray slid my shirt and bra back into place and led me out, down the hall into his corner office. A heavy glass-topped desk faced a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows. The view was intense—San Francisco at night, lit up like a fairy tale. But I only had eyes for Ray.

He placed the crystal ball on the floor, then took the candle from my hand and set it down on a wooden bookcase. Without hesitation, he proceeded to undress me by the light of that lone flickering candle. My long, full skirt came off in an indecent flutter of ruffles. My shirt and bra were cast aside. My panties fell lazily to the floor in a lacy puddle, just as Ray had predicted. He left me standing in my silver-gray garter belt and black fishnets, the jingling earrings and necklaces and multitudes of sparkling rings and bracelets. Then he stripped out of his own clothes and came forward, led by the driving force of his massive hard-on.

Seeing Ray naked for the first time, I was pleased. His broad chest and well-muscled arms were right out of the pages of GQ. But even more important, his dick was cast from my most wishful daydreams: perfectly proportioned, incredibly hard and ever so long. Capped with a flushed purple head, it was obviously ready to get down to business. But I had something else on my dirty mind.

“Wait—” I murmured.

“For what?” he asked, back in character. “The agents for SPECTRE could be here any moment.”

“I didn’t get a chance to finish reading your fortune.”

He gave me an interested look as I bent onto my knees before his erection, Russian spies apparently forgotten. Moving closer to it, I whispered, “I sense a warm, wet pleasure in your future,” and then I parted my slick cherry-glossed lips and licked the tip of his dick. With my mouth full of his rod, I mumbled, “Unbelievable pleasure,” and then sucked hard, tasting the spicy heat of his skin. Ray stood totally still as I worked his dick, releasing and swallowing until the whole length was wet. When I brought one hand up to cradle and caress his balls, he moaned deeply. Now I was reading him, reading the way his body responded to every move I made. He liked it when I tightened my mouth around his dick, and when I lightly dragged just the tips of my ruby-red fingernails against his balls he thrust forward into my mouth, uncontrollably.

Then Ray put his hands on my shoulders, indicating he wanted me to stand. Easily lifting me, he carried me to his desk and spread me out on the glass countertop, my hips right on the edge.

“That’s perfect,” he said, parting my slender thighs with his hand. “Exactly what I’ve fantasized about.” He took his time observing my nearly nude body, trailing his fingers over the delicate rise of my collarbones, down into the basin of my belly and to the very top of my pussy. That was where I wanted him, and he knew it. Gently, his fingertips parted my lips and he bent forward to taste my juices. My stocking-clad legs automatically went over his shoulders as he slid his hands under my ass and lifted my dripping cunt to his hungry mouth.

I sighed at the scratchiness of his evening shadow against my sensitive skin, the pure whisper-softness of his full lips, the hot wetness of his open mouth. In the candlelight, I could see his half-closed eyes, his furrowed brow, the intense concentration on his handsome face. This was a job that he took seriously, a rewarding endeavor to bring me pleasure. His tongue played me knowingly, tickling with little tiny licks, then caressing with broader strokes.

Suddenly, he stood and brought his dick forward, placing it right at the seam of my body so that it rested on my clit. He rubbed back and forth in my abundant juices, not entering me, just slip-sliding against my swollen bud. Each time he slid between my pussy lips I received an intense jolt of pure pleasure. His dick tricked up and down, fucking me, giving me exactly the pressure that I needed. But too soon, he stopped all motion, and I stared into his eyes, waiting to see what he was going to do next.

“A trick?” he murmured. “Or a treat?”

“Treat,” I said, sounding like I was begging, which I guess I was. A treat was all I wanted, the very specific treat of his firm dick driving deep into my wet, willing pussy. The treat of the impending climax, which I sensed would be one for the record books.

“What have you done to deserve it?” he asked next.

Unsure, I shook my head, my soft halo of curls brushing my cheeks. I had no idea what he wanted to hear, my mind clouded by the pleasure he’d given me thus far. Or maybe I’m not such a good fortune-teller.

“A trick,” he decided for me, “and then a treat. That’s what will make you come.” In an instant, I found myself being spread out on the desk, my body chilled deliciously by the plate of glass beneath me. I watched as Ray reached for the candlestick waiting nearby.

What is he going to do with that? I wondered. I should have realized that he had brought along the candle with a purpose in mind. James Bond never lets anything go to waste, does he? Each item in his possession has multiple uses—a pen becomes a gun, a key transforms into a microphone—and my personal Bond was no different. As I lay on the desk, eyes wide in anticipation, he slowly licked in a line down my body, starting from the base of my neck. He was making his way once again toward the pulsing prize of my cunt, and I was desperate to feel his tongue there.

But first I had to pay the price.

“You ready?”

I stared at him, my blue eyes wide as he tipped the candle slightly, letting one single drop of liquid wax fall to my naked skin. As soon as the pain flushed through me, his mouth was there, licking over the hot droplet, cooling my flesh and warming it at the same time. And wouldn’t you know that my cunt responded in kind? Vibrating fiercely, alive with unbelievable shudders.

“What are you doing?” I whimpered, though the answer was clear: a trick, a treat. That’s what he was doing. The second drop of wax fell a little bit lower, closer to my pubic bone, and once again Ray cooled my skin with the wetness of his tongue. Trailing lower now, toward my pussy, he held the candle upright in his hand and I closed my eyes, unsure of what was going to happen next. But he just blew out the tiny flame, plunging his office into a hazy darkness. I opened my eyes again to a room lit only by the scarlet neon of a sign across the street and the wash of lights in the sky heralding some wicked Halloween party far away.

“Roll over, Leslie,” Ray directed, and I knew what was about to happen. Keyed back into my roll as a fortune-teller, I knew exactly where that candle was going next. And I had no problem with that. I mean, what better night to play dirty games than Halloween, when costumes and boundaries are broken.

You’re beautiful, sweetheart,” Ray said, once again in the brogue of Sean Connery era 007. Then I watched

in the mirror of the window as he brought the base of the candle to his mouth, sucking just once to get it wet. His sculptured cheeks indented as he dragged in, and he tilted his head and winked when he saw how focused I was on his reflection.

My asscheeks were parted gently by two fingers, held open as his dick found its way between my thighs and deep into my sopping pussy. Then the first inch of the candle, slippery wet from his mouth, slid slowly into my ass. A trick and a treat, I understood again as he fucked me in two places at once.

“Tell me more about my future,” Ray commanded as he fucked me. “And yours.”

I couldn’t do it. I was wrecked, demolished by the two sinfully delicious ways that I was being taken. So he read the future for me.

“You’re going to come,” Ray said, as if he could see the words spelled out on the windows. As he spoke, he drove in harder, his dick slamming all the way into me, sealing our bodies together. He had enough presence of mind to keep working the candle dildo between my asscheeks. Back and forth. In a little deeper and then almost all the way out. A berry-colored flush heated my cheeks at the thought of what we were doing. But I couldn’t deny how turned on it made me and how wet I was. My juices had coated my inner thighs, my pussy lips, Ray’s dick and his desk. The fragrance of sex was rich around us, and I breathed in deeply and let myself go.

My pussy tugged on Ray’s shaft, engaging him, milking him. For the first time ever, coming wasn’t like an ending. It was a beginning. The unbelievable sensations rushed through my entire body, opening me up, ready for more, which I begged for as I came.

Ray removed the candle, tossing it aside as he pulled out and lifted me up. With his arms around my waist, he brought me to the wall of windows. Pressing my palms up against a pane of glass, he said, “Now, what do you see?”

I was looking out into a black velvet sky with a multitude of white-hot stars dripping across it like the shiny gems in a diamond necklace. The glittering, ever-changing lights of our busy city. And our reflections staring back at me.

“You see a hungry girl, don’t you?” he asked. “Don’t you, Leslie?”

Then his steel-like dick slipped between my legs and reentered my juicy hole. My pussy squeezed around him as he took me from behind. All the while, I watched our ever-changing reflections in the glass, Ray moving behind me, my face reacting as I grew accustomed to the ride. It was just as he’d promised–as he’d predicted–down in the restaurant below, what felt like hours before.

“I’ll tell you what I see,” he hissed, his mouth against my ear. Each word was punctuated by a firm thrust of his dick into my dripping cunt. His hands were tight around my waist, and then they were moving up, stroking my full, round breasts, pinching my nipples, moving back down to part my pussy lips wide.

“I see a woman on the verge—” he said.

“On the verge—” I echoed, wanting to know more. Wanting him to read the entire future for me. Every moment.

“On the verge of coming.”

One of his hands found the side of my ass and he left a stinging blow there, and then another landed on the other side to even me out. Tricks and treats. That’s what this whole night was about.

“Coming now,” Ray said. Once again, he was right. Perfectly, truly, right.

My eyelashes fluttered, my bee-stung lips parted as I sucked in deep swallows of air. I tried to keep steady, to keep my balance, to fade into the climax with grace, but Ray didn’t want cool, calm or collected. He wanted the hot throb of pleasure to flood through both of us, and to guarantee this, he brought his fingers back between the split of my nether lips to touch my clit. His fingertips tapped that pulsing button, creating pleasure like I’d never felt before. My body was on fire. My breath was a ragged melody. Every movement concentrated and expanded the rapture I was feeling.

“Ray,” I sighed as I came. Just his name. Over and over. “Oh, God, Ray.”

Then we were sliding through it together, his chest melded to my back, strong arms around me, bodies shaking. Intense tremors connected us, whisking us to faraway places where the night is lit by the light of candles.

We watched the city’s famous skyline together as we searched for stability. Then Ray turned my body around so that he could kiss my lips. Softly, sweetly, he bestowed upon me the ultimate reward: a heated kiss that echoed every ounce of the pleasure we’d just shared.

Smiling down at me, he pointed to my lustrous crystal ball, forgotten on the floor, and whispered, “So, Leslie, what else do you see in the future?”

“Bliss,” I promised, lifting my face for another dangerous kiss. “Only bliss.”

~ Leslie Siegel