They say nice guys finish last, but bad boys get the worst reputation. Our mothers warned us not to fall in love with the rebels, to stay away from people with too much edge. They said if you fall for one, he’ll break your heart. With their mussed up hair and no fucks attitude, bad guys are just bad news.

But that’s not really accurate. With any relationship you’re taking a risk with your feelings. The main thing to consider is the reward that comes with the risk. And bad boys  come with plenty rewards. When it really comes down to it, we just can’t resist them.

Life is far too short to spend playing by the rules. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart and body. Emotions and attraction cannot be dictated and controlled.  Rules are made to be broken and bad boys are meant to be played with.

It’s just biology – Often, women respond to emotions instead of logic.  We are drawn to situations that make us feel something whether it be excitement, happiness, love, drama, or fear. We need more than one dimension to really feel something. And the nice guy just doesn’t offer an array of emotions. Logically, we should want someone to settle down with. Someone who can provide a home, children, stability, and a nice life. Emotionally, we want wild passion and crazy adventures. We want our hearts to skip a beat and butterflies in our stomach. Logic just gets thrown out the window when our emotions come out to play.

The search for a bad guy could also depend on your level of commitment. Subconsciously, you may choose someone who is clearly no good for you because you’re not ready for something long term. You’re not currently in a place where love and attachment are what you crave, so you avoid the commitment by going for someone who is undateable. You may not know you’re doing it, but the bad guy might appeal to you more because you know it’s going absolutely nowhere.

Women are also nurturing, it’s in our DNA. We want to hold a baby and we smile at puppies. We unknowingly want to take care of something or someone. When we see someone in trouble, our first reaction is to help. Pair that with an insanely good looking dude in a leather jacket and tattoos, how could we resist? A bad guy comes with all sorts of baggage – baggage that girls think they can help carry. Whether he’s been to jail, can’t hold a job, or keeps getting speeding tickets, we want to lend a helping hand and pave a smooth path for him because we really see a cry for help somewhere deep in that hot guy.

And we’re just plan tired. We’re tired of pretending to be nice and looking for nice guys. Exhausted by the thought of going on yet another search for the perfect life mate. Overwhelmed by the amount of dates and amount of heart ache we go through time and time again just to find a “nice guy.” Nice guys break your heart, too. And they aren’t nearly as fun.

The truth is, we’re attracted to them because they’re sexually exciting. We’re always looking for another adventure and the next big thing in life – bad guys are the personification of your next adventure. They’re mysterious and wild and have something new to offer us. People jump out of planes and climb insanely high mountains all for a rush of adrenaline. Dating someone dangerous gives that same adrenaline rush.

There’s no guarantee of safety and that’s okay. Sometimes we need our hair pulled instead of our hands held. Sometimes we just want to be fucked without all the mush and gush that comes with making love. We spend so much time in a cocoon trying to protect our own feelings that we forget how exciting it is to be careless.

We’re young and now is the time to take advantage of all things wild and free. Buy a drink for the guy at the bar with a tattoo sleeve and cigarettes in his back pocket. Take a ride on his motorcycle with him and then take a ride in his bedroom. Do it now before you decide to settle down and marry the person who may not be as outrageous and daring.

Bad guys guarantee satisfaction and that’s something you deserve. So give into the biology, your DNA, and slight fear of commitment – go for the bad guy.

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Rosie Kelly is a recent grad from Rowan University with a degree in Advertising, minor in Journalism, and concentration in New Media. Rosie is a social media enthusiast and you can frequently find her blogging about being happily single, scrolling through pictures of pugs, pinning vegetarian recipes, or trying to be funny in 140 characters or less.