Glamorous Goth Makeup

Gothic makeup is mainly restricted to dark shades, cold looks. Since the vampire trend of the Twilight movie, the gothic got more natural, and recently mixed up with a chic french look for the most feminine results. It adds drama to the entire look, yet keeps the main feminine features of a lady. Smoky eyes, red lips and some enhanced cheekbones make this perfect mix an unforgettable makeup.

Perfect Flawless Tan

For a flawless tan, start with keeping your skin healthy. Have a proper skin care routine by washing, toning and hydrating it regularly. If you manage to keep your tan healthy and spotless, you will need just a touch of tinted moisturizer and a translucent matte powder to get the perfect tan.

But in case you have skin problems and flaws to hide, use concealer for the dark circles under your eyes, foundation and powder to get to the perfect finish.

A flawless skin is the main part of any perfect makeup.


Smoky Eye Makeup

Emphasize your eyes with a dramatic smoky eye makeup. It is a classic way to get the most feminine eyes and to enhance your looks. Apply a neutral eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and mark your eyes with a smooth line using the eye pencil. Make it stronger with a liquid eye liner for a harder contrast. On the outer corner of your eyelids, apply a darker eyeshadow, not necessarily black. Try plum, or a bordeaux to get a glamorous touch into your makeup. Finish with plenty of mascara.

Keep in mind that you can create the smoky eye makeup in any color you prefer, just make sure you keep it mysterious with a dark shaded cat eye finish. That’s what makes it intriguing, specially the black or almost black shades that are the main item of the gothic look.

Deep Lips for the Glam Goth Looks

The darker the better. But keep it in red shades. Go for deep red, berry shaded lipsticks to get the bloody, sensual lips. For long lasting dramatic lips, use the lip pencil as a lipstick base. It will keep the lipstick on for a longer time and helps you avoid getting your lips smudged.

Finish the makeup by emphasizing your cheek bones with a touch of blush. Go for the matte, cool toned colors that will keep showing your strong character.

Make a sleek bun in the back and find the most classy outfits for this glamorous look. It will make the most attractive makeup of the evening. It is the mix of a vampire, goth and glamor makeup that provides the most feminine styles and the most chic looks ever.

By BecomeGorgeous 

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