Girls’ Night Out: Adonis in Undies

You can’t make a stagette party in Vancouver as fun as a stagette party in Vegas. Not unless you’re Nicole Andrews, your best friend is getting married, and she’s tasked you with putting together a bachelorette experience that would rival the Vegas Strip for entertainment. One male model, some artistic instruction, and several original pieces of art later, Nicole had hosted the first Drawn to Men party. From her best friend’s stagette, Nicole built a thriving business, and created a sexy, accessible artistic experience that allows women to celebrate their creativity.

Since that stagette, Drawn to Men has grown. Nicole runs a website at that offers information, links to media outlets that have featured her unique brand of parties, and (thankfully) clips that show some of the models that have posed at Drawn to Men parties in the past. The website offers “The Gallery Experience,” which invites you and your party to go to the Drawn to Men studio, or “The Package Delivery,” which allows you and your party to have man, art instructor, and art supplies delivered to your own location.

While Drawn to Men is a creative experience for the party attendees, Nicole avoids the pressure and seriousness that many people equate with art.

“We all know that art is, in general, sexy,” explains Nicole, “And I think people are very curious about the creative experience.  For those of us that don’t have creative backgrounds or jobs, maybe even more so.  But taking a formal drawing class can be intimidating for a lot of people, so this is a great way to explore your creativity in a casual, yet informative way.  There is professional instruction, but the process is meant to be mostly fun.  I find this makes people much more relaxed about drawing.  The sexy guy in his underwear doesn’t hurt to lighten the mood either!”

Nicole is right. There’s something thrilling about getting to draw something. Art with a live model is outside most peoples’ comfort zones, which breaks down their barriers and lets them experience something new. The fact that they’re hanging out with their friends and joking around with a hot guy in his underpants (or, in one case, a strategically placed toe sock) just makes the situation more fun, and more liberating.

“…anyone can have fun making art – not just artists!  It really is empowering,” Nicole says, “Making art and laughing together is a great way to bond with your girlfriends too.”

Part of the message of Drawn to Men is to avoid limitations. That empowerment, that bonding, and that hot guy in undies all have a place outside of bachelorette parties. Women are now celebrating other milestones in their lives, from birthdays to divorces, by collecting their closest friends and seeing where their creativity, their choices, and their liberation take them.

So ladies, don’t worry. Your desire to get together with a group of your friends and stare avidly at an extremely attractive, mostly naked man for a long period of time can now be fulfilled. You should study every well-defined muscle, each taught sinew, and the interesting way his obliques form a V shape that disappears into his very small, yet still manly underwear. You’ll need to focus on that well-cut jaw and charming smile, as well. Make sure that you absorb every detail. How else are you going to create a truly representative work of art?

P.S. The writer of this article very much wanted to attend a Drawn to Men party, but she recently moved from the Emerald City back to Oregon. She tried going out to the local bars to recruit her own almost-nude male model, as well as an art instructor, for a studio session, but all efforts were taken amiss. She got lots of phone numbers from the possible models, and several assurances of willingness to instruct, but no one willing to stand still without special recompense.


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Sarah Burton was raised in academia, but released into the wild in a confused state upon college graduation. Even prior to this time, she had developed a number of desperate weaknesses, including lingerie, high heels, books, and travel. Now, she nurses her addictions in the city of Seattle, trawling second-hand bookstores and breathing heavily onto the plate glass windows of boutiques.