Girl Power, Porn, and 'Kick-ass Chicks!'

OK, I confess.  When my husband or boyfriends watch movies featuring women who know how to kick ass, I love it!  It isn’t a sexual thing for me, but rather an empowerment thing.  So imagine my surprise when I read this post by Jennifer de Guzman that pretty much summed up why many women love watching girls who know how to fight!

fluxI am kind of astounded that some men don’t see why physical empowerment would clearly be attractive for women. I think it’s intriguing to note that women often like the hot women who kick ass as much, if not more, than men do. Here’s what I think is behind that: As women, we are nearly constantly aware of physical threats. And those threats often are of being violated sexually. When I used to go to campus for night classes and people warned me to “be careful,” what they are saying was, essentially, “avoid getting raped.”

Now, what if, what if, as a woman, you could walk around, be sexually attractive and not have to feel threatened? What if all the rage you feel about women being victimized and brutalized could be channeled into pure, righteous ass-kicking? And, because you’re a woman, you could possibly do that ass-kicking without being seen as a testosterone Steven-Seagal-esque meathead. Ass-kicking fantasies for men are more about proving and retaining power, I think. For women, they’re about finding and asserting power when they’re not expected to have any.

Does that nail it or what?  Hey, seriously, do yourself a favor.  Learn how to defend yourself.  Not only could it save your life, but men think it’s hot!

Porn is getting more popular with women? Yes, so says First Coast News.  According to Nielsen/Net ratings, about one-in-three visitors to adult entertainment websites are female, with nearly 13 million American women checking out porn online once a month.

Studies also show that women are watching for the creative story line and videography.

Others use it as a tool for their own relationships.

“A lot of women who’ve been suppressed about getting sexual information are finding that there is an educational element to a number of adult films,” Sexologist Marilyn Volker explains.

The vice president of marketing for Hustler Video says women account for 56 percent of business at the company’s video store.

Meanwhile, women aren’t only buying porn, they’re also creating videos made specifically for female viewers.

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