Gillian Glover is Rock Royalty

gillian-smallFor Classic Rock fans, the last name “Glover” is royalty. Roger Glover is the trail blazing bass player for the very famous hard rock band Deep Purple. And now his daughter is making creating her own path with a mixture of rock, jazz and country that is instantly enjoyable.

Listening to Catalina by Gillian Glover reminds me a bit of Paula Cole and Natalie Merchant. Both excellent Singer/Songwriters and folk artists in their own right. To be compared to those artists is a compliment.

You can hear some of Glover’s influences in voice and musical arrangement ranging from a bit of Rock, Folk, Jazz and Americana. “Catalina” is a song that is straight forward and not full of fluff or over production that most artists have today. In turn this gives listeners raw talent and emotion they can potentially relate with. I will say that being approx 5 minutes in length is a bit long for the short attention spans of many music fans today but after giving it a few listens the time seemed to fly by and I genuinely enjoyed the song.

In the near future I see Gillian Glover taking her career to the next level expanding her artistic ability and broadening her fan base across the country. Once new fans are turned to this untapped talent I am sure she will have a successful career.

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