One issue many women have with cuckolding their husbands is the “puppy syndrome” – a situation where their lover becomes too attached and possessive. Some women have found a way around this, allowing them to have lovers without the messy pressure of a “relationship.” They’re hiring gigolos!

Tara is a postal worker in Seattle. After a long day on the route, she likes to come home to her the house she shares with her husband, pour herself a glass of champagne and slip out of her uniform and into a clingy, black teddy. Her shoulders ache from the weight of the mailbag she carries, and she fantasizes about the marathon fucking she receives every other Friday from Steve, her “afternoon companion.” Her husband doesn’t know.

In New York, Cynthia, an executive secretary, looks at her watch, counting the minutes until her date with the handsome, well-spoken escort who arrives at her home drenched with cologne and dressed to the nines in an Armani suit and overcoat. She likes the way people stare at them as they strut down the aisle of the Metropolitan Opera House, and it turns her on when he slips his hand beneath her gown and fingers her as the performance gets underway – a promise of things to come. Cynthia never fails to cum knowing that so many people are around her.

Jennifer, an aerobics instructor at a Florida health club, is tired of watching her boyfriend, a trainer at the gym, hitting on all the girls who work out there. To make him jealous, she hires a gorgeous six-foot hunk to pick her up after work. Though she didn’t intend to at first, she fucks him that night.

Ladies, gigolos are back! And These guys are on call to fulfill your deepest—dirtiest— fantasies. And at a price you can afford!

“It’s a phenomenon of the 10 years and much more common than you think,” says Danielle Stinson, the owner of an Atlanta-based publishing company that recently released a book about the return of the American gigolo. “Women are so discreet about it. You wouldn’t believe who’s hiring them. It’s your next door neighbor.”

Dozens of regular working women are squirreling away their money to save for that one special evening. Others are stay at home wives looking for a little afternoon adventure. They all have one thing in common – they want hot, steamy sex.

Hiring one can cost anywhere from $150 to $350 an hour. “If you want the kind who shows up in a beautifully tailored Italian suit, you’re gonna have to pay for him,” says Stinson. “A stud-muffin in tight blue jeans may be less.”

Unlike the gigolos of the ’20s and ’30s, who were poor, European immigrants who earned their wages by dating women, a vast majority of today’s gigolos are middle class. Generally, they are college educated and very well versed. Many are not drop-dead gorgeous, but they are really good listeners. And they have big dicks – a requirment for most of their clients. Some of the men have regular day jobs at clothing stores, in construction or as cab drivers, moonlighting as escorts on the side. Others are fulltimers and may serve the same clients for weeks, sometimes years.

Ninety-eight percent of them say they did not start out as escorts but were first propositioned by a woman. “Some woman asked me to take her out,” says one Boston gigolo, who works for a computer software company. “I said I couldn’t because I was
working. So she said, ‘How much are you gonna make tonight? I’ll pay you that and three times as much.’ ”

“Women who hire gigolos have a fantasy they want to act out,” says Stinson. “They may want to live out a particular sexual fantasy they can’t perform with their husbands or boyfriends. One woman we interviewed had an exhibitionist fantasy of making love in a crowded park on a Sunday afternoon. Another wanted erotic role-playing games and one was into being a dominatrix.”

Victoria, a married graduate student in Oklahoma, says she enjoyed “playing doctor” and “head mistress/undergrad” with the 21-year-old gigolo she met at a YMCA lecture. Her husband, she says, would never go for such role playing.

Susan, a married court officer in San Diego, says she likes to sneak her gigolo into the judge’s chambers after hours, dress in the judicial black robe, and force him to enact the “sexy sentence” she has imposed, making him follow the her lascivious orders!

“A gigolo will do whatever a woman wants him to do,” says Stinson, who sat in on interviews with dozens of hard working men. “They’re fun, interesting to talk to, and very low key. Most of them love women. And they know how to please them. They can look past any flaw and see the beauty in all women. They’re very sensitive to their feelings, and they’re extremely adept at sex and at understanding women’s needs. They’re the kind of guys you can take to a function and no one would ever know.”

There are countless reasons why a woman would seek the services of a gigolo. Those who are recently divorced or in between relationships may want companionship without commitment. Older, wealthier women may need an escort for a theater opening or an important social event. But the main reason a woman hires a gigolo is to fulfill a sexual need or for sexual adventure. Either she’s not getting what she’s looking for at home from her husband or boyfriend or, if she’s a professional woman who’s building a career, she doesn’t have the time to have a man in her life or doesn’t want to be bothered.

Carol, a junior partner in a Houston-based law firm, says she hired a gigolo out of sheer necessity for sex. “I work 60 to 70 hours a week and don’t have time to date,” says the 29-year-old brunette. “We all know that power tools are no substitute for the real thing.

“Last month, I arranged a meeting at a restaurant near my apartment. Waiting for me at my table was this really hot, much younger guy” she explains. “He was dressed to kill in a pair of tight Levi’s and snakeskin cowboy boots. Sex that night was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. His erections were unbelievable and his dick was soooo big! I loved how long he could go before he came.”

Finding a gigolo can be as easy as reading your local newspaper. Many advertise as massage therapists, but the body rub invariably leads to more. So if a woman is overworked, tense or in need of pampering, hiring a gigolo may be more therapeutic than a shrink.

Alternative newspapers like XS in Florida, The Phoenix in Boston and The Village Voice in New York are sprinkled with ads from gigolos looking for new clientele. Their ads are simple to spot. They use cue words like “virile” and “masculine” to describe themselves, and often make allusions to their interest in pleasing women sexually.

When referring to the qualities they seek, they are vague, asking for a woman of any age, race and marital status. Generally, their only requirement is that she be “financially secure” and “generous.”

Women can also find gigolos through reputable escort services. Although they are more expensive than the freelance gigolos who advertise in the newspapers, these “professionals” are screened by the company.

But the best way to “buy a guy” is through recommendation. High-end gigolos— especially those who travel in Hollywood and society circles — are usually passed along from friend to friend by word of mouth. A woman may tell her very best friend about a particular man, but only someone she trusts implicitly. While these boy-toys are for the bold at heart, their
services are not a pleasure just for the rich.

Judy, a nurse in Detroit, says she hired her gigolo after hearing about him from her best friend Kathy “He had already been road tested by Kathy, so I knew he was safe and worth the money,” says the 25 year-old blonde. “But arranging a date with him without my husband knowing was tough!” ‘

As far as the legalities of hiring a gigolo, the news is good and bad. The bad news is that soliciting men for paid sex is considered prostitution, and therefore, illegal in most states. The good news is that in the history of this country, there reportedly has never been an arrest of a male escort or his female patron.

Despite the risk of AIDS and other STDs, the gigolo business is booming, says Stinson. Many women would rather practice safe sex with a gigolo than risk a broken heart with a casual pick-up. As one woman put it, “My rent-a-stud is keeping my love muscles toned for Mr. Right. And at this very moment, he is Mr. Right.”

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