Ghost Story

Ever since I started watching scary old Vincent Price movies on TV, I’ve wanted to spend a night in a haunted house. So Doug and I decided that Halloween was the perfect time to do it. I realize that ghosts probably don’t really exist, but the power of suggestion, especially in a drafty old mansion on the spookiest night of the year, can be pretty strong!

Pulling some strings, Doug managed to rent an old house close to where we live. It had stood abandoned for many years, and rumor had it that the ghost of its former owner, a man who had been poisoned by his wife over an illicit affair, haunted it. Afterward, she was so overwrought she poisoned herself. It was said that their ghosts still roamed through the abandoned building, looking for, but never finding, one another. It was all so romantic and intriguing, and I hoped our evening in their home would be as exciting.

We invited two other couples, close friends of ours who were equally as intrigued by the possibility of seeing a real live ghost. But Doug and I had an ulterior motive: Our friends had open marriages just as we did, and we knew they’d be up for a wild evening.Doug and I arrived at dusk, and the house was already looking pretty spooky. I shivered, imagining what it would be like when it was totally dark out. We set out drinks and hors d’oeuvres and the other two couples arrived soon after. First we took a tour of the house, deciding who was going to sleep in each of the stately bedrooms and laughing at the old-fashioned plumbing in the bathrooms. I was especially interested in the claw-footed bathtub and hoped I’d be able to get one of my sexy friends to bathe with me. Then we made our way to the dining room, where we’d laid out cold meats, cheese and breads. The wine flowed freely, and after retiring to the drawing room for port and cigars, we all decided that it was time to call it a night.Somehow I knew that the night wasn’t over yet. After shutting the door behind us, Doug drew me into his arms and began trailing kisses down my neck and over my collarbone. Just then we heard a loud thumping sound coming from Grace and Nathan’s room. As hosts, we decided that it was our responsibility to investigate.Just as I was about to knock, Grace opened the door and peeked outside. She was in a sheer black negligee, and my pussy tingled as I took in her familiar curves. “What was that?” she asked, looking frightened. I told her I thought that it had come from her room.

Hand in hand, we walked quietly down the hall, trying to discover the source of that eerie noise. It grew louder as we approached Sid and Martha’s room, so without even thinking we opened their door and burst in. There we found Martha on the large bed, her nightie pushed up over her luscious breasts and her legs wrapped around her husband’s waist as his cock thrust in and out of her. We stood, frozen, as we realized that the noise had come from the large maple headboard banging against the hollow wall behind it. Then Grace and I looked at each other and giggled as the couple finally noticed us.

Sid and Martha invited us to join them in bed, the evening now taking the turn that I had anticipated. Eagerly, we hopped in next to them and entangled in our own embrace. Our lips opened and tongues met as I rubbed my palm over Grace’s hard nipples while Martha and Sid resumed their frenzied pace. With all that fucking, it was a wonder the bed didn’t break!

With Grace on top of me, I craned my neck so that my face was just inches away from Martha’s and she immediately met me in a kiss. As Martha’s mouth was now plastered to mine, Grace had nothing to do but lick her way down the length of my body to my aching cunt. I opened my legs wider to give her full access to that moist crevice and she dove right in, licking and sucking and even biting the tender flesh. As soon as she zeroed in on my clit I cried out in ecstasy, breaking my kiss with Martha. At just that moment, Martha finally came as well.

Sid was watching me, so I gave him a wink and wriggled out from under Grace. Standing behind the still-fucking couple, I alternated squeezing his balls and slapping his ass as he pistoned into his wife. A minute later he pulled out and shot his load over his wife’s tits and stomach so that Grace and I could watch. This was turning into quite a Halloween.

Just then there was a knock on the door. We opened it and found Doug and Nathan standing there with a bottle of wine, goofy grins on their faces and erections tenting the fronts of their pajamas. There wasn’t enough room on the bed for all of us, so I sat on Doug’s lap in the overstuffed armchair by the armoire while Nathan joined his wife and the other couple in bed. We passed around the bottle and chatted for a while until we ran out of things to say and it was obvious that we all had something else on our minds. Besides, I could no longer fend off Doug’s hand as it quickly crept under my hem and along my thigh.

I let my husband lift my nightie off and suck on my breasts. As he did that I reached into the gaping fly of his pants and pulled out his cock, which was hard and as ready for action as I was.

Looking over at the bed, I could see that Sid was fucking Grace’s pussy while her husband fucked her mouth, with Martha looking on, enraptured. So, instead of mounting my husband as I had planned to do, I led him by the cock over to the bed and offered his services to my lonely friend. They sat on the edge of the bed kissing as I got a comforter out of the armoire and spread it out on the floor. Then Doug picked up Martha and placed her down on her hands and knees. I was proud of my husband’s thoughtfulness, as we both knew how much Martha liked it doggy-style.

Then Doug lined his cockhead up with her slippery hole and I smiled at her look of delight as he pushed his full length into her. Soon he was up to his balls and moving back and forth, grasping her tightly by the hips. I was content just watching, with my fingers in my pussy, of course, but when Martha beckoned me to her I was unable to pass up such a delightful offer. I slid my legs underneath her until my cunt was lined up with her mouth and she immediately got to work. As my husband fucked her, she lapped at my sex and I played with her swaying breasts.

There may have been ghosts in the house, but we would never have heard them: The moans and grunts and squeals in that room were way too loud. Hearing a slapping sound, I looked up to see Grace on her hands and knees sucking Sid’s cock as her husband rained blows on her ass. Suddenly I noticed Sid tense, and then Grace looked over at me to show me the pool of come on her tongue. Her mouth closed and she swallowed, and just in time, because soon she was crying out in the throes of her own orgasm. Her husband continued pumping into her, which was no surprise to me as I’d been the recipient of his stamina many times before.

At last I turned my attention back to matters at hand. The look on Martha’s face told me she was about to come. As she did she threw her head back, but didn’t neglect my pussy, replacing her tongue with a finger. I needed more stimulation to send me over, so I begged Doug to shove his cock into me. Since Martha had already come she was glad to move aside, and soon my husband’s cock was embedded deep in my needy cunt.

Martha went over to her husband and they cuddled in an armchair. Doug lifted me up, still impaled on his dick, and carried me over to the bed. Lying next to Grace, I reached across her and played with her clit, and she did the same to me as our husbands raced to see who would come first. The contest ended in a draw, as Nathan and Doug pulled out at the same time and drenched us both in intermingling pools of their semen. Grace and I just sighed, still wrapped in each other’s arms.

You would think we’d go to sleep after that, but the remainder of the evening in the haunted house was spent searching for spirits and fucking each other silly. I’m sorry to say that we didn’t find any ghosts that Halloween, but we did find some interesting nooks and crannies to play in next year!

~ Ms. Laurie F