Geo Jewelry Inspired By Nature

When I was a young girl I was fascinated by gemstones. Not quite a rock-hound, I’d nevertheless collect any interestingly shaped or shiny rock I’d find. I spend many hours sitting a watching the rock tumbler I got for Christmas one year, eagerly anticipating the beautiful and smooth treasure that would eventually come out of it. That’s why I felt a wave of nostalgia when my white jade necklace arrived from Geo Jewelry. I put it on immediately and showed it off to the other women in the office. And even though it’s quite stunning, it was very reasonably priced  just like all the pieces from Geo Jewelry.

All of this New York-based company’s jewelry and accessories are  inspired by nature and the world around us and each piece is exquisite. It’s perfect for dressing up and going out or to wear with casual attire. It may be hard to believe but the holidays are approaching. So if you need a stocking stuffer or a great gift for someone, you owe it to yourself to checkout Geo Jewelry.


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