Geek To Go is Good To Go!

The best part of my job as a writer is that I work the hours I choose, but it can also be lonely working from home. I have a husband that works in IT. He heads up some very large projects, often working into the night, and is too tired for sex when he gets home, so I’m often more sexually frustrated than the erotic characters I create.

So, it should be no surprise what happened last week. My computer had been giving me shit for several days – freezing, odd pop-ups and more signs of some vicious malware. I’d nagged my husband to fix it for me but he kept putting it off. Can you imagine that? He’s an IT professional and I couldn’t even get him to fix MY computer! So, finally, I decided to call one of those Geek-To-Go business to come out and squash the pesky virus that had been making my life hell. The techie arrived much earlier than expected. I had just gotten out of bed. Wrapped only in a silk kimono style mini robe, I answered the door to find an incredibly hot technician standing there. He was tall and muscular with intoxicating green eyes and closely clipped dark hair.

“I’m here to check out your laptop,” he said, his eyes roaming down my long legs.

“I wasn’t expecting you so early. It’s upstairs in my office. Come on in,” I told him, stepping back as he sauntered in with a soft sided tool kit in hand. I closed the door and climbed the stairwell with him in tow. I had no doubt that his eyes were on my ass as I climbed the steps ahead of him. Secretly, I was enjoying the thought that he might be getting an eyeful. In fact, I was getting a little turned on by the idea.

After showing him where everything was, I excused myself to take a shower downstairs. I needed to get my day started and could use the time beneath the hot water to explore how aroused I had become by him. Due to the lack of sex in my house, I was already an old pro at getting myself off in the shower. I knew all the right places to touch myself and didn’t hold back as I leaned against the rear wall and stroked my clit, finger fucking myself until I came forcefully.

Rinsing off, I stepped from the shower and dried off before stepping into a short summer tank dress that hugged my every curve, foregoing any underthings. Despite the self-love, I was still feeling a bit randy. Masturbation is always a great release, but sometimes what you really want is to fill the hard pounding flesh of a man. I climbed the steps to the office to check on his progress and was surprised to find him looking a bit flustered as I walked into the office. There was a noticeable bulge in his khakis and he couldn’t take his eyes off my hardened nipples as they pressed against my dress.

[adrotate group=”9″]“How are we doing in here?” I asked innocently.

“W-we’re up and running. I just ran some security diagnostics and set you up with the latest virus protection. Your performance has improved greatly.”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that he had read the erotic short story I had been writing the night before and still had pulled up on my screen. That is why he looked so startled and was obviously hard as a rock beneath his perfectly pressed pants. Without a word, I reached down and began unfastening his pants, sliding them down his legs with his boxer briefs in tow. I looked appreciatively at the large piece of equipment in his pants as it sprang forward, eager for action.

“Oh God,” he said as I reached for his cock and stroked it with my hands, enjoying how long and thick it felt in my small hands.

“I’ve got a busy day and I’m sure you have a schedule to keep, so I’m going to need you to skip the niceties and just fuck me,” I told him as I pulled my dress over my head.

“Yes ma’am,” was all he said as he pushed me against a nearby wall and pulled my ass upward, wedging me between the sheetrock and the hard angles of his body. Then, he was inside me, pumping into me vigorously as he gave me exactly what I had in mind from the moment I saw him standing on my doorstep. My loud moans filled the upper level of my house, harmonizing with his grunts and groans as he fucked me hard and fast, his hot mouth sucking at my nipples. My orgasms began mounting in waves that shattered throughout my pussy as he ground his hips forward to fill me to the hilt and exploded deep inside.

Since then, I’ve been contemplating whether I should periodically unplug my modem and call for service, requesting a particular technician, of course. I might even have to check out a few other service types.

~Heather S.
Denver, CO

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