Garden Green

“Come on honey. Let’s put the tools away and we can try out the new pool.” I wiped the perspiration out of my eyes and took the last gulp of water from my bottle. Empty. Damn it. I crunched it and walked toward the cooler.

God it was hot. I surveyed the job we’d had done in the yard and smiled. We’d planted roses in the flower beds. The front and back yards were edged. The neighbor kid helped mow. Now, finally it was time for some fun. I wanted more than anything to be alone with my man. Naked, sweaty, fuck me against the wall of the house quality time. Moisture pooled in my panties and this time it wasn’t just the Texas heat making me sweat.

Connor wound the orange extension cord around the reel and grinned, his chiseled face shiny with yard grime and sweat. Black hair peppered with gray, his piercing blue eyes missed nothing. As if he could read my thoughts, he gave me a smirk. “You got it. First, help me get some of these tools in the garage.”

His muscular arms shone bronze in the soft golden light of the afternoon and I felt another twinge of lust between my thighs. Watching him wield the weed whacker earlier reminded me what I missed about our time together these past few weeks. It was easy to get lost in routine, especially after being married for so long. That and his travel schedule.

I sighed, thinking about when we’d moved into the house ten years ago. How time had flown. I had a little extra around the middle these days, but Connor had stayed fit. He carried himself with a powerful stride that made women on our street drool when he was out front edging or tending the beds. Hell, I couldn’t blame them. I was prone to it myself.

Connor’s muscles rippling under the gray tee shirt quickened my pulse and sent me reeling. Even after all these years, he still had the body to make me melt where I stood. We hadn’t had an afternoon alone like this in a long time. My crazy writing schedule was so up and down. He’d been traveling for work so often now, we might as well be strangers passing in the night. What we did make time for when we were together was the yard and the garden. Some couples went bowling. We tended to the weeds. And then each other. It gave me plenty of fodder for my smutty books. There was a lot you could do with line for a weed wacker. Just sayin.

I reached into the tiny cooler we kept outside and pulled out a water for him and another for myself. I tugged my yard hat back over my head. Lizard peeling sunburns really didn’t improve my overall appearance.


“Thanks.” His smile was wide, his teeth strikingly white against his tanned face. He held the bottle up to his forehead and sighed, letting the sweat from the bottle cool his skin. After a moment, he uncapped the lid and guzzled it noisily, draining it and smacking his lips in appreciation.

“Wow. I needed that.”

Watching him made my mouth go dry.

“Anytime.” I took the empty bottle and chucked it into the recycling bin that rested behind the gray brick pillar under the porte-cochere. I reached down and slid the red plastic gas can into its place along the wall and dragged the lawn mower into the garage, tucking it neatly along the ledge. I handed him the blower. “Here you go.”

“Great. Now let’s go have some fun.” Connor’s eyes twinkled and a mischievous smile twitched on his lips.

“Race you!” I pulled off my hat and tossed it behind me. The back yard was our hidden oasis, built up over time to a secluded hideaway. Tall evergreen trees flanked the nine foot fencing and lush foliage helped to block the pool from neighbor’s prying eyes. It was perfect. Connor planted every single tree himself. Watching him wield a shovel, his muscular body in action left me hotter than Houston on the fourth of July.

I insisted when the pool went in that we get an outdoor shower. It had been well worth the trouble. Installed during his last business trip, this was the first time we would be using it together. The fresh cut smell of grass tickled my nose and I plopped down on one of the patio chairs. I untied my sneakers and kicked them off. Connor come up behind me and I turned, already unbuttoning my shorts.

“Well, you don’t waste any time, do you?” Connor grinned and with one motion, pulled his shirt over his head, baring his powerful chest to my gaze. His eyes flickered over mine, smoldering. “I think it’s your turn. Off with the shirt.”

I swallowed, my slickened folds beginning to flood. I stared at him and yanked the tee shirt off, revealing a sports bra drenched in sweat. My shorts were next. I wriggled them down my legs and kicked them off, letting them land in a heap at my feet.

“Well?” I crossed her arms under my breasts, egging him on. The soothing sounds of spa music filtered through the air as I flipped the switch on the small radio I’d brought out earlier.

“Oh. I see how you are,” he slowly ran his fingers along the top of his jeans and began to release the button fly one scintillating button at a time. The bulge in his jeans was becoming obvious.

I suddenly wished I’d remembered to bring the cooler to the back yard. What I wouldn’t give to run an ice cube down those washboard abs.

Connor slid the jeans over his erection and down his legs, kicking off his yard shoes and jeans in one graceful movement. Clad only in his underwear and a raging hard on, he raised his eyebrow in challenge. “And?”

“Oh.” A blush crept up my neck. I’d been watching him so intently, I’d let myself get distracted. My nipples tightened as I mentally traced the outline of his cock through the thin white cotton. With trembling fingers, I released the snaps on my bra, letting it drop to the ground. I hooked my bright pink panties with my thumbs and slid them slowly down my hips and let them fall to my feet.

“Pink, huh?” Connor grinned. “Nice.” He deftly lowered the white cotton briefs and his turgid shaft sprang free, full and at attention.

My pulse quickened and my insides quivered. I looked over at the shower and imagined him burying his cock inside me right there. Tall trees hiding the garden space from nosey neighbors was exactly what I had in mind when we built this house. Having the shower put in while he was away was my master plan at back yard seduction. My mouth went dry and all the desire pooled low in her belly. I wanted him inside me. Right. Now.

“Come on. Show me this outdoor shower you insisted we put in.” He brushed his lips across mine and the tip of his erection prodded my stomach.
I nipped his bottom lip and he gave me a wicked grin.

“Last one in has to wash the other’s back.” Connor padded over to the wooden stall and switched on the water, letting it warm up. Connor held his hand under the spray.

“It’s ready.”

“It’s supposed to have sprays that reach you from the side as well as the top.” I grinned.

A seductive gleam twinkled in his eye. “Is that so? Well, why don’t you come in here and show me some of those extra special features?”

“Come here, then.” I pushed Connor deeper into the shower stall and guided him to the smoothly sanded wooden spa bench. I pointed to a control panel on the side of the shower wall. “See these?”


I turned the knob. A jet of water doused us with warm water. I backed into him giggling as my ass pressed against his erection.

“I think I could learn to love this.” Connor’s hands roamed the rounded curves of my hips and pulled me toward him. His mouth pressed against my back, leaving a trail of fiery kisses. It was sweet agony to have him so near and not inside of me. The mere touch of his hand sent a warming shiver through my body.

I moaned and arched against him, angling my ass so the tip of him was just outside my aching sex. My skin was one fire and he was the only one who could quench the thirst bubbling under the surface.

“God, Connor.” I edged closer, teasing him. “I need you now.”

“Fuck.” He hissed. His hands slid around my stomach and cupped my breasts. He kneaded them with his hands, licking at my water drenched skin, tasting me inch by inch. His mouth grazed my earlobe.

“God, yes.” I guided the tip of his cock inside of my hot, slick core impaling myself on his thickening shaft. “Don’t stop,” I murmured.

“Oh, baby.” Connor growled in my ear. He pulled my hips into him, driving him deeper inside of my moist center.

I moaned and let my body fall back against his. He shifted beneath me and his hands stilled my movements.

“Baby, I need to stand up. Come with me.” Connor eased me up and bent down on the bench, his cock filling and stretching me wide.

“Yes…” he hissed, his hands spanning my hips. He plunged deep, fucking me skin to skin as the water cascaded between and around us.

Water sluiced down my back and between our bodies. He growled, reaching beneath to flick my clit. Each thrust was an act of possession. Each caress of his hand lighting my flesh on fire.

“Come for me, baby.” Connor drove himself into me mercilessly. My flesh hot, I erupted as a flood tide of tiny explosions wracked my body.

“Oh God! Connor!”

“Mine!” He growled, gripping me hard as he dove in for one last thrust. He jerked inside me, filling me with his essence. Connor shuddered against my back, letting his fingers tease my beleaguered clit once again.

I gasped and another orgasm ripped through me, leaving me sagging against the bench as Connor withdrew. He pulled me into his arms, tenderly kissing me. His lips devoured mine hungrily, hands roaming over my body in greedy exploration.

Laughing and breathless, I broke the kiss. “What did you think of the shower?” My eyebrows waggled in a cheeky display. His cock twitched against my backside. He placed a kiss on my nose and grinned. “Very inspirational.”

“Good. I’m glad you liked it.”

“So, you have any plans for the next hour?” Connor smiled, rubbing his hands over the curves of my ass.

“I have some ideas.” I purred against his chest.

“You did promise we were going to break in the pool. What do you think? Two for two?” Connor pressed his lips to mine.

“Well, I was thinking I could show you some fancy moves I learned from that new gardener’s magazine.”

“Fancy moves?” He stepped out of the shower, holding out his hand to help me up. The afternoon sun blazed down on us and the tranquility of the backyard garden space was soothing.

“It’s about knot tying to um, make a homemade trellis.” I blushed. “Or other things…”

“Is that so? My, my. Aren’t we the industrial little… gardener?” Connor tilted my chin up, the twinkle in his eyes making my insides go all gooey. The warmth of his arms was so male, so bracing as they wound around me.

I met his gaze and kissed him. “Ummm. You have no idea. This girl is shovel ready.”

Connor threw his head back and laughed. “Oh babe. You are that. Now…how about we try out that pool?”

“Ummm. I could think of nothing better.” My lips curved up in a seductive grin. I wriggled out of his arms and picked up a length of smooth white rope from the patio table. “But first you get to be my trellis.”

~Erzabet Bishop