Game of Lust

I’m not a gamer, by any means.  Gaming is for teenage boys and middle aged geeks.  Still, I found myself being drawn in when my friend Charlotte continued to talk about the war game she had been playing for months.  I soon found myself signing up just to check it out.  Within a couple of weeks, I discovered that the people in the game were also members of an online chat group where they could discuss strategy.  I decided to join.  One player stood out among the crowd – the leader of the group I had joined.

He was tall, broad shouldered and beautiful.  His rugged good looks suited his former vocation as a member of special forces and his current one as a police captain.  His intelligence and wit were quickly apparent, as was his interest in me.  What also began to become obvious was the dark nature of his sexual desires.  Our private chats quickly led me down a path of deviance like I had never experienced.  I found myself aching for him in ways I’d never imagined with any man, much less a stranger.  Problem was, he lived hundreds of miles away.

So, I was lost somewhere between elation and unadulterated fright when he told me he would be within minutes of me soon and wanted to meet.  I told myself that, despite our deliciously wicked conversations, I could control myself around him and not take things too far, too fast.  After all, he was virtually a stranger.  Granted, a very hot and sexually dynamic one, but still an unknown.  I reminded myself that he could be a serial killer for all I knew, despite being law enforcement.

In any event, I was surprised one night to find him standing in front of me in the bar that I co-owned with an old college friend.  He sat down and smiled knowingly at me as I stood there, completely taken in by his piercing green eyes and soft, full lips.

“Glenlivet on the rocks, please,” he said, as if he were just an ordinary customer.  I froze for a moment and then finally found my voice.  What was wrong with me?  I was a strong, successful woman not usually overly impressed by the male gender.  This one, however, was making me crazy just by being present.  Having overcome my initial reaction, I addressed him.

“I’m sorry, sir.  We are completely out of that here at the bar.  I do however, have a nice bottle left at my apartment that I can share with you,” I said boldly.  So much for not jumping into anything with a complete stranger.

“Sounds like an excellent reason to relocate,” he replied, standing up from his seat at the bar.  I called out to my co-owner in the back that I had to bail on him for the night and grabbed my purse, walking toward the front door.  My apartment was only a few blocks from the bar and it was a nice night so we made the walk in silence.  We were barely inside the door when he had me pinned against a nearby wall kissing me passionately.  I felt it in every nerve ending that flowed through my body, shooting tiny jolts of electric charges outward where they pounded against my rapidly warming skin.

It only took seconds for a trail of clothing to form between the wall and my bed.  Every dirty thing we had every talked about online quickly became a reality as he devoured me with his mouth, hands and then took me in one forceful thrust.  From there, hours passed as he made love to me from head to toe, alternately kissing, licking, biting and impaling me with what I must say was considerable girth.

I awoke the next morning, sore all over, but still only wanting more.  Good thing for me, he was ready to give me exactly what I craved.  After a quick shower and even more amazing sex, we went out to breakfast and he told me that the reason he was here was that he was transferring in to a local station house.  He just hadn’t wanted to tell me in case I turned out to be some sort of fake.  We had a good laugh about it and then he went to his job interview.

We kept in touch during the few weeks he was gone and our conversations were racier than ever.  Once he made it back, we began seeing one another on a regular basis.  Neither of us play the game anymore we are way too busy down in his basement enjoying all the deviant toys he continues to amass down there as we delve further and further into a world filled with the most delicious sexual deviance.

~Aileen Danforth
St. Paul, MN