Fun Times At A Bachelorette Party!

Sandra first told me that she was throwing a bachelorette party for a friend of ours (Joanne) about a week before the party. She said she wanted it to be a wild time, so she asked me for help. I remembering grinning inwardly but, biting back my leering smile, I asked her for more details about the party. She told me how many people would be invited (ten in all, counting us and the bride-to-be), and who they were (I knew all but one of them), and what sort of presents we were to get her, and how much to drink there’d be. She also asked me if I thought a stripper was a good idea – and I laughed out loud. “Hell, yes! The poor girl’s getting married – she oughtta have as much fun as we can give her in one night!” Sandra laughed as well, and after chatting with her a bit more about some of the details, we went our separate ways for the day.

The day of the party came up more quickly than I expected, but that wasn’t a problem at all – I was looking forward to it quite a bit. I got there a few minutes late, and a lot of the girls were already sitting around a large oak table, laughing and talking. Sandra was up and getting drinks for everyone (and from the look of the “bar,” we wouldn’t run dry anytime soon), and Joanne had opened the door for me. I gave her a hug, congratulated her, and gave her the presents. I told her that one was for tonight (five pairs of crotchless panties) and one was for later (a small crystal vase). We talked for a moment, and then she ushered me over to the table, where a chair was waiting for me.

I said my hellos to the girls and sat down to talk. Sandra brought me a drink, and as I sipped a bit, a few of them started talking about the impending arrival of the stripper – some of them in conspiratorial near-whispers and with school-girl giggles. I smiled quite broadly to myself, and wondered just how “shy” they’d be after a dozen or so more drinks and twenty minutes of watching him.

About halfway through opening the gifts (which ranged from my panties to hot massage oil to several dildos and vibrators, as well as a few very nice pieces of lingerie), the stripper arrived. Sandra brought him in and introduced him to the group. He was expectedly gorgeous – just over six foot, I’d have guessed, with heavy shoulders and a thick chest, a deep tan and hair that probably was closer to brown when it wasn’t sun-bleached to a dry yellow-blonde. He had a nice smile, and seemed at ease with the group. He was wearing a slightly-oversized double-breasted sport-coat, slacks, and dazzling band-collar shirt. The girls all fawned over him a bit (myself included), and then he was given a chair and a drink while we finished the gift giving. Several more rounds of drinks, some more food, the last of the gifts for the party, and some talk went by before Sandra announced it was time for Aaron to dance for us. Everyone applauded and cheered, although judging by the number of times hands missed while clapping, I’d have said that the group was mostly well on the way to pleasantly drunk.

The table was quickly (if somewhat clumsily) cleared, and a CD that he’d brought with him was loaded into the stereo. Aaron climbed onto the table, bowed to us (which brought quite a bit more cheering), and as the music began, started dancing. It was a fast club-dance song, and he knew what he was doing. After a few minutes (and after he had shed his jacket, slipped out of his shoes, and started opening his shirt, I looked around and saw nearly everyone else just staring. (One of the girls was really sitting there with her jaw hanging dangerously low, and I thought for sure she was going to start panting!) I could understand, and turned my attention back to Aaron as the music changed. With a slower tempo, he was really teasing us along now, and in about ten minutes, had lost most of the rest of his clothes (still had a pair of white boxers on, and a black g-string under that) and all of us were on the edge of our seats. He had paid individual attentions to nearly everyone, but particularly to Joanne (which only made sense), me (which I couldn’t figure out), and one especially shy-looking girl (who was seeming a little less shy by the minute).

He finally slid his boxers down, kicked them away over our heads, and stoof before us with a rather proud-looking erection stretching his g-string to the limits. He turned several times int he last few steps of his dance, alternately giving everyone a good look at his barely-hidden cock and his oh-so-cute little ass, and then dropped to all fours and crawled slowly over to the bride-to-be. He settled back onto his knees, more or less sitting on his feet, and planted his hands behind him, stretching his beautiful body out for her. She put her hands on his chest and ran them down to his hips – and found the little clip that kept his g-string in place. With a gleeful little noise, she quickly undid the clasp – and out popped his good-sized, thick, erect cock! He rolled his hips, and it seemed to beg for attention.

Hesitantly, Joanne reached out to touch it, running her fingers slowly around it, upand down the length of it, as Aaron closed his eyes and rolled his head back, moving his hips slowly, before leaning back and away. I looked around, and saw a few of the girls rubbing themselves through their clothes (quite un-self-consciously, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do). Aaron had started moving slowly around the table, rolling his hips and letting all the girls get an eyeful of that luscious-looking cock. Some of them were brave enough to reach out and caress him, but when he got to me, I took the prize for most brazen: I leaned down and planted my lips around his cock and sucked him deep into my mouth.

I heard a lot of surprised yells and raucous cheers, and slid my mouth up and down his cock a few times, quickly, for good measure, then leaned back. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head, he was so surprised! He didn’t seem to mind too much when I climbed onto the table with him and crawled into his arms, kissing him roughly.

In a flurry of kissing, fondling, groping, and grinding, my clothes rapidly followed his, my hands eagerly stroking his cock while he was fondling my breasts and playing with my nipples. I slid a little closer to him and felt his cock rub against my thigh, and I knew I had to have it. I broke off kissing him and looked around. Everyone was cheering me on, and a few were chanting “Fuck him! Fuck him!” I grinned, gave the thumbs-up sign, and dropped onto my hands and knees.

Before I knew it, he was pushing that thick cock into me as quickly he could. His big hands wrapped themselves around my hips and he rode me like mad, pumping fast and hard. I reached back and started toying with my clit, rubbing it furiously, my breasts swaying, when he grabbed my hair and pulled me upright against him, pushing up and into me with everything he had. I leaned back and closed my eyes, riding him for all I was worth, and opened them to find that several other women had lost clothing, too, mostly rubbing themselves as fast as I was getting fucked.

I pushed myself away from the stripper and crawled down off of the table. No sooner had I done that then at least three of the others jumped toward the table, each vieing to slide her lips around his cock. I got up then, and said loudly, “Hey! This is your party, you get up there and fuck him!” Joanne’s eyes widened, and then, with a drunken laugh, she bolted from her chair and got up on the table, forcing her way to his cock and gobbling it up as fast as she could. As I watched, Joanne got Aaron onto his back and straddled his face, throwing off her shirt and bra before lying back down and sucking his cock.

We all watched the two of them 69 wildly for a few minutes, then Joanne got up and turned herself around to fuck him. She slid herself slowly down his cock, teasing herself, him, and everyone of us watching, and then started bouncing crazily, squeezing her breasts and throwing her head back. She moved so fast her hips were nearly a blur Joanne bucked herself nearly off of the stripper as she came. She rolled off him, and someone helped her off the table as Aaron straightened up.

I turned to my friend Kelli back and told her it was her turn, and she nodded hungrily and dove up onto the table. A moment later, she was on her back, and, with her legs popped up high in the air, Aaron fucked her fast and hard, the table making little creak noises every time he moved. Kelli screamed every moan, telling Aaron to cum, hurry up and cum, she wanted it on her – and in a very short order, Aaron gave her exactly what she wanted, leaving her lower face and breasts glistening. Kelli gave his wet cock a few loving licks, and then she was crowded aside by a few others who wanted a piece of him.

Aaron sat back and smiled while a few of them took turns coaxing his cock back up into service with their lips, tongues, and fingers. A few of the girls had lost energy or become so drunk they couldn’t go on, and were curled up on furniture, mostly naked and likely passing out. Aaron had a few with him on or nearly on the table, and a few were still watching intently.

By the end of the night, Aaron had had some kind of sex from nearly everyone there, and not a few of us wore (or otherwise has enjoyed) proof of his hospitality. I was one of the last ones to call it a night, and had thoroughly enjoyed myself.

~ Natalie