FreePeople Offers Fresh Take on Hip Hop

Can Hip Hop have a sensitive side? The answer is yes! Combining the best elements of that genre with synth-pop and R&B sensibilities, FreePeople is connecting with an element that’s been lost in rap music for a long time – an appreciation for the art of melody and emotion  With a sound reminiscent of the better boy bands from the last two decades, they possess something many of their contemporaries lack – street credibility and an edge. Their music is genuine and refreshing.

Their ballad Never Meant To is a tender apology to a loved one and promise to leave the past behind. It has a tender vibe about it and should make the girls swoon at first listen. Equally as convincing is Goodbye, is a mid-tempo track about a man who’s almost lost it all and his promise to himself to change his life for the better. It’s definitely an inspirational song for those among us who have personal demons to conquer.

HustleHard is a change of pace, a grinding chunk of hard core Hip Hop that tackles a traditional theme in Rap – struggling to ‘get yours’ and overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way. This track has some definite radio appeal and I would expect to hear it booming from open car windows on hot summer nights.

Roaring out of California  FreePeople is powered by soaring harmonies and expertly crafted intelligent Hip Hop. If you’ve grown tired of the mindless bravado offered up many of today’s Hip Hop acts, treat yourself to FreePeople.