Flower-shaped Organizer Makes Cosmetics Storage a Breeze

Show me a sexy woman with impeccably applied make up and I’ll show you one with a dirty filthy vanity. It doesn’t matter if her face is made up elegantly or with a trashy style, the price we pay for that glamorous look is usually dozens of half-used lipstick tubes, various brushes, empty compacts and some seriously stained bathroom counter space.  And often the solution for organizing all that shit is throwing it in drawers – which eventually overflow. Am I right, girls? What we need is a cute product, nothing to complicated, to help put our primping stations in order.

Enter the Infmetry flower shaped Makeup Cosmetics Organizer. Available in several colors (I have the pink one!) it can hold a variety of makeup and accessories. Just slide a brush (for example) into a bud and they ‘bloom’ around it, securely holding it in place. Each one holds nine items so If your cosmetic empire extends past the end of your counter, you can always get a few additional ones. And clean up is far easier than clearing then wiping down your sink area.

But you don’t have to actually use it for your makeup. On the outside chance your cosmetics get stored away cleanly and efficiently through other means, this organizer can also help with office supplies around your computer area or with any place in your home where small items need a place to live. I like mine so much I’m picking up another one for my little sis.

Head over to Infmetry and check them out. The price is right and they make excellent Christmas gifts.


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