Flo Poetic Lays Down Sensitive Hip Hop

Sensitive hip hop? Flo Poetic connects with an element that’s been lost in rap music of late – the human experiences that effects and connects us all. Love, breakups, family and the daily beat down of life are expertly intertwined in some of the most thought provoking hip hop of the last few years. Said by some to have a “heartfelt Nas-meets-Eminem style,” San Bernardino, California born Michael Diffoot (a.k.a. Flo Poetic) has the insight and lyrical talent to make the national scene.

I had the pleasure of sampling his music and was very impressed. In Feel My Pain, a haunting melody serves as the backdrop for realistic verses that tell the plight of America’s poor and middle class everywhere. Trying to make ends meet while supporting a family is something many people content with daily. If you feel like you’re just “running in place” while trying to get ahead, you’ll feel a personal connection with this song.

Lullaby is a sweet (can hip hop be sweet?) tribute to a man’s newborn children. Similar to Will Smith’s ‘Just The Two Of Us,’ Lullaby takes us through the birth of the artist’s son and then his daughter. He details all of life’s lessons he hopes to guide them through. If you’ve ever had children, or even younger siblings, nieces or nephews, you can understand the how strong parental instincts can be – and they’re on full display in this cut.

Are You The One has mass-appeal potential and should touch anyone who has been searching for ‘the one’ to be by your side. Together, conversly, deals with the pain of breaking up – with some clever samples of The Turtle’s classic Happy Together. Letter To My Family is the artist’s heartfelt tribute to his family.

If you’ve grown tired of the bravado present in a lot of today’s hip hop, then you need to check out some Flo Poetic’s work. The phrase ‘keepin’ it real’ is no better applied to anyone than him.

The Scandalous hook-up:

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