Fit and Hot

Oh, Lord! There he was again. It ought to be illegal for a man to look that hot. Paul wore a tank top and tiny black nylon shorts that showed off his fine ass. Just once I wished he’d show a little interest. I tried flirting, cleaning around him, just putting myself near him at every opportunity. So far it hadn’t worked. Feeling dejected, I barely returned his shy smile this time, missing the twinkle in his sexy, blue eyes. I thought it just wasn’t meant to be.

I busied myself with the regular chores and before I knew it, it was closing time. I decided to lock up and treat myself to a few minutes in the women’s sauna. I stripped off my clothes and grabbed a couple of towels.

I was horny as hell and hadn’t had sex for ages. Stretching out on the bench, I let the heat slowly seep into my body and I gradually began to relax. My hands drifted to my breasts as I imagined Paul touching me, pulling my nipples into taut peaks. My breath became labored as I fell further under the spell of my fantasy. That is until I felt strange hands cup my breasts.

I couldn’t believe it! Paul was kneeling on the lower bench completely naked, his erection bobbing against his flat belly. “I thought everyone was gone,” I whispered as he massaged my breasts.

“I couldn’t wait any longer to have you. You’ve driven me crazy for weeks.” He bent over teased my nipples until I grabbed his silky hair and pulled his mouth up to mine. His sweat slicked body moved up over mine until his hips were wedged between my thighs.

“Paul,” I whimpered into his mouth. “I need to feel you now!”
I felt the head of his big cock probe my pussy lips then slowly glide inside until I could take no more of him. He stretched me so deliciously I felt my orgasm peak immediately. “Oh God!” I moaned.

Paul lifted my hips in his hands and thrust hard and fast. I could feel he was close to coming by the tense muscles of his ass. “Come for me, honey,” he urged and spilled himself when he felt my inner contractions begin again.

The heat from the sauna and our combined efforts was nearly overwhelming. Paul slid from my body and led me to the showers. “We’re not done yet, babe. I waited a long time to fuck your sweet cunt and I want more.”

After the explosive climax we’d just shared, I was amazed he could be ready so quickly, but the throb of his hard cock against my belly proved he was indeed up to the task. Eager to taste him, I pushed him into the shower and set the water for a warm stream. Kneeling at his feet, I cupped his sac carefully and licked his thick penis from the swollen tip to the pulsing base.

Paul was so thick I could barely wrap my lips around him. I looked up at him through my lashes spiky with drops of water and saw his head was thrown back against the shower wall and his face was drawn tight with pleasure.

“Oh God yes!” he growled as he pumped slowly in and out of my mouth. “Babe, I’m gonna come.” He tried to ease away but I caught him by his taut ass and pulled him closer. I wanted to taste him as he erupted deep in my mouth.

I gently cupped his swollen balls and stroked the hard ridge of flesh under them. He jerked suddenly and I tasted his hot, thick come. His body trembled as he pumped furiously in and out of my mouth. The shower misted over us and I felt my pussy throb with desire. I didn’t want my fantasy to end. His cock remained semi-hard as he cupped my ass and pulled me close. “Your turn,” he said with a husky laugh. Stepping out of the shower, he carried me to the counter and set me on the edge. Kneeling in front of me, he parted the swollen fleshy folds of my cunt and just stared at my glistening skin.

“Please,” I urged softly.

He leaned forward and lapped at my creamy crease, his tongue darting inside my tender cunt. “You taste hot and sweet.”

I lifted my legs over his shoulders and caught his head between my hands. He knew just where to suck to bring me to my climax. As I began to shake with pleasure, he stood and stepped between my thighs. His cock was hard and full and he thrust deeply inside me.

My eyes focused on his as he filled me until I screamed his name as I throbbed around him. “Yes,” he cried as he spilled himself deep inside me once more. Exhausted, we wrapped our arms tightly around each and grinned. “Tomorrow?” he asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Oh yeah,” I agreed with a sigh, knowing I’d be waiting impatiently for our next bout of lovemaking. This was a fantasy I wanted to enjoy as long as possible.