‘First To Tell You’ A Provocative Hip Hop Jam

To say I was born in the club scene would be an understatement. I was sneaking into South Florida dance clubs in middle school, completely addicted to bump and grind hip hop pie. When I barely knew what sex was I already had the moves down courtesy of the dance steps I learned in those hot and sweaty night spots. Almost 15 years later slow and medium tempo grooves still get me in the mood for love and dancing. Take Scoop Lo’s latest track First To Tell You. At first listen I could already feel myself grinding into my man of choice under the hot lights of a dance-floor. This R Kelly-inspired ditty has all the elements missing from much of today’s slow jams – smooth lyrics, a catchy tune and a great hook.

Originally from South Jersey, Scoop Lo has produced an ep called The Suave Experience with music that lives up the the collection’s title. Definitely written for the neck down, it’s hard not to sway when the first beats of each song throb from your earbuds.  He’s been described as a ‘cocky upstart’ and with tunes like this, it’s no wonder industry bigwigs have noticed.

If your weekends ar filled with parties and friends then this song and entire ep should definitely be added to your summer soundtrack. Hang with Scoop Lo at his Facebook page and download a track below.