Figaro's "Your Loss" is Your Gain!

Figaro is a Reggae artist from London, UK, bringing listeners a positive up beat sound that is not only smooth and groovy but will have you on your feet wanting to dance. His style is known as Lovers Rock and the single Your Loss had me hooked within the first 10 seconds before the vocals even kicked in. The sound is tight and very straight forward Reggae. There is no wondering with Figaro as to his genre or songwriting styles. The added touch is the female vocals that compliment Figaro’s song. Figaro stands on his own hitting the high registry vocals and the groove is something that can get stuck in your head, leading you to hit the replay button again and again.

With so many specialty festivals and special events around the world dedicated to this type of music, Figaro has a wide audience hungry for his style. It’s been a while since a Reggae-style song was a hit on American music charts but Figaro might be the artist that changes that.

Check out Your Loss below.