Feeling Like A Princess


Love the site! Lately I’ve had my guys licking their cum out of me after we have sex. It feels wonderful and I feel quite powerful in having them do it. But I have to wonder how safe it is. What do you think?

Cleveland, OH

Hi Ellyn – 

Yes, when guys clean up their own messes it does give one a sense of power and the physical sensation is quite nice, too. Don’t worry, it’s plenty safe for him. Now, you inferred that you have more than one guy doing this so the answer isn’t quite as clear. If your men are trading semen, essentially consuming each other’s out of you, then you want to make sure they’re clean. STDs can be transferred this way. Of course, if they weren’t clean, you wouldn’t be having sex with them bareback. So just be safe and enjoy yourself you lucky bitch!


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