Every Woman Has A Fantasy

threesome male female maleA recent public opinion poll found 20% of women regularly fantasize about threesomes with two men and an incredible 17% have admitted to doing it at least once!
Sirens Magazine says the threesome gets a bad rap as a dirty act, a college “experiment,” or a soft-focus male porn fantasy. But let’s face it—most of us have at least thought about it. Getting from daydream to double-penetration, however, requires planning, patience, and skill: Advanced sexual beings though we may be, we’re talking about three people, naked, and there are fluids involved.

It’s not unusual for your man to fantasize about watching another man have sex with you, or watch as you perform oral sex on another man. An MFM threesome fulfills all these fantasies and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of your fantasies.

So what steps can you take to find a second guy then convince your husband and boyfriend to join in on the fun? And more importantly, what can you do to protect your health and your relationship?

For those of you who are fantasizing about, considering, or planning a mfm threesome hopefully some of this advice will help you plan it. It is important that the you consider this as advice, evaluate it in regard to the situation and remember that even if the threesome is well prepared there is always a risk that it can have an adverse impact on the relationship you have with your partner.

Granted all of us have an online façade that, in some cases, varies greatly from our daily life. However it is impossible to tell how much is a façade and how much is the person’s real life personality. Emails and online messengers are a great resource to do your initial screening of replies from potential males who’ve responded to an online ad you’ve placed. Chances are you will have a lot of replies to an ad and you need a way to filter through those that could be potential playmates. Remember YOU control the speed from reply to meeting and if your speed is not compatible with some of those that reply then do not waste your time. If someone comes across as being arrogant, pushy, too focused on sex, or just does not meet your criteria then do not pursue him. It is not worth your time.

OK! Let’s assume you already have the two men and all you want to know is what to do with them!

MFM threesome rule #1

Stay in the middle

Whether or not the guys you’re with are into experimenting or playing around with each other is very relevant to the situation because, if they’re not, things will get awkward if they’re naked next to each other.

Do your best to stay in between them and keep the focus on yourself. This way, you will receive the utmost pleasure and have four hands and two penises at your beck and call at all times.

MFM threesome rule #2

Lead the way

A threesome can have awkward moments if you’re confident and don’t stay in control. As well, some guys are a little apprehensive about taking control, so it’s up to you to lead the way.

You don’t have to shout out orders or place them in position; simply get on all fours on the bed and begin sucking one guy; the other will easily get the hint that you want him to penetrate you. When you’re ready to switch, stop sucking, look up at him and say in a low voice, “Now, I want you to fuck me.”

If one of them tries to penetrate your anus and you’re not into that, simply say “no” and place his penis inside your vagina. You don’t have to give any speeches or freak out; it’s easy to lose control and get overly excited in a situation such as this.

MFM threesome rule #3

Keep one up, one down

It’s a great idea to keep one guy on your upper regions when the other is on the lower, and vice versa. That way, your chances of having multiple orgasms increases tenfold.

If the guys don’t mind being in close proximity of each other, you can have each one suck a nipple or take turns kissing your body all over.

MFM threesome rule #4

Keep protection everywhere

Even if you think you know these guys really well, condoms are your friend and you should use them. You should have enough around so that they can change condoms often. You might not want to suck on a condom that has been inside you.

It takes a little something away from the spontaneity of the sex and, most threesomes don’t lend themselves to avid condom use, but I recommend them and you will hopefully use them.

MFM threesome rule #5

Give equal attention

While it’s okay to spend a few minutes enjoying cunnilingus without having to perform on the other man in the room, you do need to keep in mind that leaving someone out for an extended period of time is bad threesome etiquette.

Whether you stroke one man with your hand or lick his penis while he strokes himself, as the other one is giving you an orgasm, make sure that you’re giving pleasure while you receive it more often than not.

MFM threesome rule #6

Feel free to watch

Sometimes the men involved may feel comfortable enough to play with each other and most women I know enjoy taking a step back and watching (or masturbating) as this goes on.

From performing oral sex on each other to stroking the both of you as you have sex, when men aren’t afraid to get in each other’s line of fire, the sexual experience will be that much more enticing.

You can indulge yourself by getting involved in some capacity or you can sit back and enjoy the view.

MFM threesome rule #7

Get creative

From threeway oral sex to double penetration, you can let your creative juices flow when you get involved in a MFM threesome because you never know when, or if, this opportunity will present itself again.

Feel your way through the men and think up interesting ways to make the experience as fulfilling a possible for all of you. Perform fellatio on both of them (stroke one while you suck the other, then switch); let one penetrate you (you’re lying down) while you suck the testicles of the other; let one place his penis between your breasts while the other penetrates you. There is no limit to the amazing things you can do in a MFM threesome.

MFM threesomes RULE!

Engaging in a MFM threesome may not happen often for most of us, but when they do, most women admit that it is an experience that they will never forget.

So if you’re ready, willing and able, engage in one of the biggest fantasies all women dream of – and enjoy it!

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  1. Yes, the trick is to stay in the middle. Guys always get so competitive. Say you invite another guy to have a threesome with you and your man. Too often he acts as though he is competing for you.