Yoni Massage: Awaken Your Sexual Energy

It’s therapeutic. Some say it is life changing. Learn how this tantric massage technique is opening eyes – and legs – of women everywhere.

The lights were dimmed and the warm embrace of the satin sheets caressed her naked body. With a deep, rhythmic breath, she allowed each inhale to be full and relaxing. As she let the tension and stress of the day’s activities to slowly dissipate from her body, she felt the gentle touch of her partner’s hand slowly massaging her legs. Glancing down along her open legs, she caught the eye of the giver as they simultaneously breathed in and out together with intention. Closing her eyes, the receiver let the giver take his time gradually kneading away the strain throughout her figure, from the arms and breasts to her thighs and stomach.

As he approached her inner thigh, she widened her legs to expose her ‘sacred temple’. There, enthralled in a passionate and sensual moment, his fingers glided towards her Yoni as a sigh of pleasure escaped her lips. Only one thought could come to mind in that moment – “Why haven’t I tried this before?”

Orgasm was imminent.

The application of Yoni massage is a common practice of Tantric methodology. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina, which is deemed a sacred part of the female body and is often worshipped. Tantra itself is a form of ancient yoga which helps to balance, align and awaken the body on a spiritual and sexual level. This sexual and spiritual awakening allows for healing, heightened awareness, ability to connect with oneself and others, and arouses the consciousness from within.

The Yoni places a crucial role in the Tantric ritual. The massage has been introduced as a means to help build trust, balance, and a deep connection with your partner. The goal is not solely to achieve orgasm, but rather to allow both the giver and receiver to share in an intimate experience that they can both enjoy without expectations.

[adrotate group=”9″]Many women turn who seek out the advice of therapists for intimacy issues, sexual blocks, or trauma are referred to exploring the Yoni massage. Moreover, the women and men alike who participate in the experience together explain how they found it to be more enlightening and spiritual than arousing. Of course, there is pleasure involved but the resounding opinions of many claim that it is a life-changing occurrence.

The Yoni massage starts with the woman lying comfortably with a pillow propped under the head and another under her hips. In this position, she has full view of the massage and is also in a relaxed stance. With her genitals exposed and legs spread with knees skyward, the giver and receiver alike commence the session with deliberate, unhurried breathing techniques. Throughout the massage, it is encouraged that there is little conversation and distraction.

To encourage relaxation and trust, the giver starts by massaging other sensitive parts of the body such as the breasts, abdomen, thighs, and legs. When complete repose is achieved, the giver then applies a lubricant or oil to the mound of the vagina and begins to slowly massage the outer lips and the mound itself. Sliding the fingers and gently squeezing the lips adds to the pleasure and intimacy of the experience.

From here, the giver moves to the most sensitive nerve receptor on the body – the clitoris. Rubbing gently in circles, and providing tender squeezes will stimulate and arouse the receiver, but maintaining calm breathing is important.

The Yoni massage continues with insertion of the middle finger into the vagina, feeling each side as it enters and allowing for the other fingers to be free to continue massaging externally. Applying soft pressure and moving in deeper, the middle finger motions upwards in a gesture signaling “come here.” Once reaching the spongy area of tissue behind the pubic bone, the giver will have found the “sacred spot” or the G-spot as many refer it. The giver can direct the amount of pressure and the movements to maximize pleasure.

There are optional components to the massage that can be included depending on the comfort level of both the giver and receiver. The importance is to share in an enjoyable, relaxing, and ultimately sexual bonding experience that transcends beyond a sexual encounter into a spiritual and soul revealing encounter.

For women all over the world suffering from sexual blocks or trauma, or simply looking to enrich their current sex life and bond with their partner, the Yoni massage is the Tantric experience that can achieve just that.

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