Erica Bronwyn Spreads Her Wings On New Single Butterfly

erika-articleSimultaneously inspirational and celebratory, Erica Bronwyn’s new single Butterfly is her personal statement of independence from adversity. Taking a more somber approach to the subject matter than, say, Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten, this piano-powered mid tempo beauty is perhaps better compared to Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway. From her new album Metamorphosis, the song is such that it can be interpreted personally by everyone that listens – having special meaning to those of us who’ve left painful or difficult situations.

Hailing from Brisbane, Bronwyn is one of those rare singer-songwriters who can take her songwriting prowess into the slickly produced realm of pop music. Her influences are unmistakable – Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson – but she has a knack for changing her style with each successive track on her album. R&B? Yep! Pop? It’s in there. Easy listening? If you’re in an introspective mood, she has your hook up.

Composing music on the piano since she was 5, Brownyn has grown into one of those rare gems you treasure on your iPod before being discovered by the rest of the world. Listen to Butterfly below and see what I mean. Then download it with our compliments.


DOWNLOAD: Buttefly

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