Enforced Bi-Sexuality

Guy on Guy Sex For A Woman’s Pleasure

“I grew up reading Playgirl,” Says Brenda, a twenty-three year old marketing consultant from Ft. Lauderdale. “I would sneak them out of my older sister’s bedroom and the images of hot and hard male bodies sort of shaped my ideas of the roles men should play, namely, the fulfillment of my sexual fantasies.”

Brenda minces no words when describing her number one fantasy of seeing two men having sex for her enjoyment.

“Yeah, I see myself reclining in bed while two studs get it on next to me or while one goes down on me while getting it in the ass from the other guy.”

What Brenda is describing is known on the net as enforced bi-sexuality, a practice in which a sexually aggressive female coerces a hetero male partner into engaging in homosexual acts with other men for her pleasure.

“What? Guys always want to see two girls get it on!” She says, smiling.

“The closest I’ve come to experiencing it is having a threesome with two guys during spring break. As much as they wanted to pleasure me, I just couldn’t convince them to touch each other beyond the casual brushing of flesh while servicing me.”

Is this really surprising to anyone? For decades, men have fantasized about women in lesbian roles. That image is played out continuously in movies, TV, and other media outlets. Indeed, when a man is fortunate to find himself in the clutches of two women at once, the lesbian thing is always on his mind. However, with the sexual roles of women expanding and more and more female-oriented material (like Playgirl, Cosmo, and Scandalouswomen.com) becomes available, the sexual objectification of men is the logical next step.

“We’ve only been sexually liberated for a few decades, so many of us are peeling layers of repression away because of fears and messages we were taught as kids,” Theresa Reed, former editor of Exotic magazine, says, referring to the new sexual attitudes of women.

Cathy was an eighteen year old high school senior, soon to be a freshman in college, when she consented to this interview. An accomplished writer of slash fiction (stories about male celebrities in bi-sexual and homosexual scenarios), she not only admits to having enforced bi fantasies, but was more than eager to share an experience she had.

“It was just a few months ago…I was fucking my boyfriend, who was a little drunk, when his roommate walked in on us…he was more than a little wasted, too…instead of acting embarrassed, I asked him to join us…well, one thing led to another and I guided my boyfriend’s mouth to his buddy’s dick and he sucked him off for me…it was real hot seeing the globs of cum spew on his face but I’m sure they wouldn’t have done it if they’d been sober.”

Now, men reading this are probably shaking their heads at this point and saying to themselves, ‘abolutely not!’ But imagine the woman of your dreams, the hottest female you’ve ever laid eyes on…and you’re crazy in love with her. The only way you can have her, though, is to indulge her fantasies. She not only wants group sex with other men but she also wants you to pleasure the guys. Do you consider it then?

Women who grew up being exposed to overtly pro-woman sexual material are the ones most likely to have this fantasy. They see sex as power and their enjoyment and satisfaction paramount. Case in point: Donna, a “twenty-something” self-styled dominatrix who lives in the posh setting of Beverly Hills. Like Brenda, she was an avid reader of Playgirl from age 12. And because she grew up in a wealthy family, she had the resources to explore her budding sexuality – from trysts on the beach with boyfriends to seducing pool boys.

“I was exposed to a lot at an early age so I believe I’m a little more advanced sexully than other women my age.” She explains.

A married woman, Donna has other “playmates” she brings home for what she calls ‘hot sex scenes spiced with a little BDSM.’ “When I bring a guy home, my husband knows what to expect. I won’t say I force him to have bi-sexual encounters but he knows how happy it makes me…and I can be real bitchy when I’m not happy!”

Her typical scene includes being taken from behind by her lover while her husband lays beneath them servicing them both orally. The lover is usually required to pull out and pump his cum onto her husband, sometimes into his mouth.

“He accepts it now because he wants to make me happy.” Donna says, holding back a giggle the way a school girl who’s done something naughty would. “And besides, he doesn’t want to feel my whip!”

So, does this mean every woman has this fantasy? No. Should you have this fantasy? Certain fantasies aren’t something one should or shouldn’t have. However, if you do have torrid thoughts of watching – and joining in – while two men have sex together, then you are not alone. What’s more, in the ever growing climate of today’s scandalous woman, your fantasy is within your power to experience.