Emergency Roadside Assistance

The hot sticky August air seemed to cling to my skin as I made my way home from my boyfriend’s house. Things this weekend didn’t go so well. He lives in a beautiful beach house in Miami, and oh what a great lover he is! We did it out on the balcony overlooking the water, in the Jacuzzi, in the pool – and we christened every room in that house. The way he touched made me shiver, the way he kissed made me wet. But unfortunately, our chemistry outside of the bedroom leaves much to be desired, and I had finally had to get away for a few days.

So I was driving down the road, sexually frustrated and upset, when my car started to have trouble. The sun was beaming, I was sweating and my pussy was on fire! To top it all off, about a mile down the road, my car stalled. After pushing it to the side of the road, I used my cell phone to call the local tow company.

A deep, friendly voice answered, “Hello, how can I help you?”

I told him what had happened and where I was stranded. “I’ll be there shortly dear, don’t worry,” he reassured me.

Still frustrated, but intrigued by the voice on the phone, I listened to the song playing on the car radio: “I wanna lick you up and down…”
I turned it up loud. The rhythm sent excitement coursing through my body. My pussy could not stand the wait. Then, turning around, I saw him – male perfection himself, with blond hair, green eyes and a piercing smile. His body was nothing less than spectacular!

“I hope you weren’t waiting too long,” he said. Electricity streamed right down to my pulsating love bud. Was I crazy? I didn’t care. “Just long enough,” I said. I told him that I just left my boyfriend’s house, and that we broke up. Now, my car was broken down.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I’ll try to help you out any way I can.”

You can help me out alright, I was thinking, staring at his tan, hard body under¬neath a white tank. Studying his every body part, I thought I was going to explode!

His ass was perfect in tight blue jeans. He must have been 10 years my senior, but I’ve always had a thing for older men. I saw lust in his eyes, too.

“I’m sorry you were on this lonely road at dusk,” he said. He smiled and asked, “Do you mind if I take my tank off?”

Did I mind? “No, go ahead babe, I know its warm out here.” He checked under the car hood for any obvious problems and his hands started to get covered in grease. Fantasies ran wild in my head.

He walked over to me and said, “You’re very beautiful. Are you a natural redhead?” I smiled at him.

“Yes, I am,” I giggled. “You don’t know how many times I am asked to prove it!” Walking next to me, he leaned close and whispered, “Prove it!”

I moved slightly away, to tease him, intensifying the chemistry between us. “Maybe I will,” I murmured, visions of his sculpted body dancing in my mind. He walked over to the flatbed, lowering it to load my car. I felt my clit swell as I watched.

“Have you ever fucked on that flatbed?” I asked, my voice as innocent as I could make it.

“Not yet” he said. That yet sounded like an invitation to my excited pussy. He walked towards me again, his tan body still glowing with the dusk sun. Looking straight into my eyes, he lifted the hem of my dress to feel my cunt, and started to kiss me. As he ran his tongue along my lips, I started to breathe more quickly. I grabbed his ass as our tongues intertwined, and we lost ourselves in the heat of passion. His rock-hard manhood pressed against me. It was so difficult to keep control. I felt like an unleashed animal.

He slipped one strap of my dress off my shoulder to bare just part of my breasts, whispering, “Can I take a peek at the kitten to see what color she is?” With my eyes shut and back arched, I let him lower himself to his knees and put his head under my dress. “Peek a boo!” he said sweetly. I moaned with excitement. He spread my legs, leaned me against the flatbed and buried his head in my wet pussy. Softly, he grasped each fold with his lips. He was eating me out like I was a five-course feast. The warmth of his tongue flicking my clit sent jolts of pleasure to every nerve in my body.

“Mmmmmm… You taste so wonderful!” he said. Making his way up my body with his soft lips, caressing every inch, he took each breast into his mouth as his fingers roamed to my juiced honeypot, rubbing me gently.

I pushed away for a second because I wanted his dick inside me – I ordered him to fuck me.

He lay me on the flatbed and after gazing for a moment at my sleek, tempting nakedness, he leaned in to my breasts, cupping them with his large hands. Kissing them eagerly, he rested his hot body against my aching pussy. I wrapped my long legs around his waist and pulled him to me. Pure ecstasy! My pussy was wet, my lips swollen with anticipation. He kissed my arms and neck as he entered me.

I lost my breath for a moment, moaning with pleasure as he thrust inside of me. Our bodies stuck together as we continued to explore each other. He kissed me so erotically, allowing me to ride him. His swollen cock entered my pussy again and again. It felt so good to have him inside of me. I sat up with my back arched, riding him harder and harder as I quivered close to orgasm. The excitement radiated throughout my entire body.

“Oh, yes!” I cried, feeling I might explode as I reached orgasm. He pushed more slowly, going deep. We were definitely in total euphoria as our bodies rocked in synch. Letting out a groan, he pulled me suddenly close, and his body shook as he let himself go, his cream bursting inside of me.

He continued to kiss my face, softly. I was completely overwhelmed by the power of our sexual chemistry. We lay there, gazing into each other’s eyes and taking in what we had both just experienced, not saying a word. Looking up at the sky, with stars and moon shining, we snuggled closer together.

“Now that,” I said, “is what I call Emergency Roadside Assistance!”

~Tamara, Orlando

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