EDM Producer Nevrmynd's Latest Tracks Are Out Of This World

EDM fans are heating it up with the latest sound to permeate the dance music scene. Known as chillstep, the style is closely related to dubstep however it has a slower and relatively laid-back ambiance. Speaking of ambiance, chillstep finds its home in clubs, house parties, and even in the latest video games. Wildly popular throughout the world, the EDM generation has embraced chillstep for it’s pulsating drum beats, syncopated rhythms, and lustrous vocals. Electronic Dance Music artist Nevrmynd’s latest mix is indicative of why the genre is widely accepted around the globe.

Nevrmynd’s recent track releases lure fans with carefully sculpted layers of driving rhythms, synthesized vocals, and electronic effects. Each track presents its own distinctive personality within the scope of the chillstep genre. While all of the tracks yield a cutting-edge style, there are some retro vocals incorporated as heard on the songs “Sacrifice” and “Green Light” which both dish out a clean underground sound that will resonate with music enthusiasts that enjoy a mash-up of hip hop inspired beats fused with catchy dance elements.

The whimsical ambiance of chillstep is demonstrated best in the track “The Harvest”, a musical labyrinth of melodious chords, and enchanting bells that seem to drip like water over every note. “Just Smile”, another track draws listeners into reverie with enchanting female vocals in a slow but, rhythmic manner. Chillstep by all accounts is an entrancing genre that appeals to the senses when performed with unalloyed passion.

Fans will enjoy upbeat tracks such as “Right Now” and “How Will I Know”, a vivacious spin on one of Whitney Houston’s top singles. The rising producer will ignite the urge to get up, dance, and liven any party with tech savvy rhythms, and diverse musical influences. His far-reaching sound is of the caliber of artists such as Mt Eden, pioneering a new wave of dancer’s delight. Nevrmynd goes above and beyond to create a groundbreaking sound that will appeal to a vast audience while finding a comfortable place among commercial entities looking for edgy soundtracks and energy that ventures off the beaten path.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Nevrmynd demonstrates unrivaled virtuosity and passion for creating avant garde music in a time where ingenuity is often unseen. His sound and style is truly ethereal, fusing stylistic elements of popular genres with dubstep conventions to devise a remarkable production. From dark and gritty to weightless and luminous, his style will function as a constant soundtrack that will transcend time.

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Mika Lucio, a native of Staten Island, NY got her start in music as a college radio DJ at Bradford College in Massachusetts. She received her degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. As a trained dancer and recording artist, Lucio has appeared on national television on shows such as BET’s 106 & Park. Managed by Ruishella Sellers of Myjestik Entertainment, Mika recorded her first album at 19 years old with Hampton Roads indie group M.E.C. An avid music lover of all genres, she is always looking for fresh new music to add to her digital collection.