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Scandalous! loves supporting our writers in their outside projects. Three of our contributors are published authors with books available on Amazon. Check them out and explore other erotic eBooks.

Shanora Wen was born on a small farm in rural Alabama. After a career in the administrative field, she began providing writing services for a wide variety of clients worldwide from her home on the coast of Florida. She is currently working on revamping an original novel for republication and will be publishing it by Winter 2013.

Megan Hussey is a feminist erotica author with more than 30 titles in print. She’s also worked behind the scenes in the women’s erotica industry for companies such as Playgirl and Chick Media.  Many of her stories revolve around strong, real woman heroines.

Rose Burke is a freelance writer and author of sexy thriller THE ESCORT DIARIES: Survival of the Lingerie Girls. Collage artist, horror fanatic, and self-proclaimed Queen of Sarcasm. She sort-of writes a blog based on a bucket list of fifty things she’s never done before.

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