Earsauce – story so far, the

With a sound so unique even the artists can’t quite describe it, Earsauce is nevertheless both distinctive and refective. ‘Folktronica,” Evan Valentine suggests, assigning a label that’s fitting yet still doesn’t fully convey the feel of the music. On their album story so far, the, he and partner Steve Bower present an eclectic collection of mostly instrumentals that can certainly be described as folk with a little electronic peppered in. But other influences are obvious as on the track Sultans of Salad which has a distinct Reggae feel to it. Another example which breaks the confines of their chosen label is J3 which is a fine piece of bluesy funk. Satire of Some Secret Bravado is a new age quilt of intricately woven patterns of sound. In fact, there are so many musical influences present on their album, pigeonholing them in one genre (even one as diverse of folktronica) doesn’t quite do this duo justice.

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