Dr. Valentine

I was alone in my chiropractor’s waiting room. Relieved the day was almost over and looking forward to tonight’s Valentine’s dinner with my boyfriend. We’d been having problems lately and I had hopes of putting the relationship back on course.  I took a deep breath while typical doctors office saxophone music seduced my ears. It was one of those days of unexplained arousal where I just wanted a good fuck to set me straight.

The rain fell hard against the window. A moist twinge between my legs made me anxious. I ran my tongue across my cherry-flavored lips, and heard a man’s voice.

“Hi! Miss Lenore? Dr. Ross had an emergency and had to leave for the day. I’m his new partner, Dr. Foster.”

I shook his hand. He looked young and delicious in black slacks fitting snug below the belt, a black Polo short-sleeved shirt, and brown, slicked-back hair, and he had lust in his eyes, the bluest I’d ever seen. They reminded me of a calm sea inviting me to swim through them naked. Following him into the examining room, I bashfully glanced over his backside and became excited with the thought of his dick becoming hard.

This was actually one of the issues my boyfriend and I had. He accuses me of having a ‘roving eye’ when it comes to other guys and that I’m really not ready for a commitment. My thoughts are that just because you have the car you want doesn’t mean you can’t admire other cars (even test drive them when on one is looking!) My boyfriend is a Mercedes but I do like Corvettes! Dr. Foster was definitely a Corvette!

I climbed on to the black leather table, and his assessing hands were already on my back. My body purred in response to his touch, my tingling, soft flesh wanted him madly, and my nipples were attentively erect. I wanted him to just lift up my skirt and climb inside of me without asking for permission. “Here we go. This should help, Miss Lenore. Let me know if it’s too hot.”

He slowly took off the back-length pad and revealed my body. I was wet with the thought of his eyes having undressed me as he stood next to the table. His fingers pressed firmly into my knotted upper back muscles, kneading me like dough.

“Ouch! That really hurts,” I said, my hands gripping the metal bars at the top of the table, thinking my breath had just been taken away.

“I can imagine. It’s hard for me too,” he said, and I giggled. My mind was turning everything into something sexual. I felt the hard-on in his trousers when he pressed into my back. Dr. Foster gently moved my hair out the way and softly massaged my shoulders, neck, and back. The thought of his cock so close to my face made me drip with desire. His strokes became affectionate, slow, and deep.

“There it goes,” He remarked as he pushed hard into my upper back. Next, he made an adjustment while in a hug-like position over me. When I took a deep breath, he lowered me down slowly with his fists cupped behind my back, and pressed firmly into my spine as I let my breath back out. I was slightly apprehensive and nervous. I closed my eyes when I felt myself tense up. My pulse quickened with his arms around me as the scent of his cologne made me weak. His hot breath tickled my neck.

Crack. His body felt so good over mine. I wanted to grab hold of his waist and wrap my legs around his tight ass. I batted my long eyelashes and smiled. Dr. Foster backed up a step or two and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Is it hot in here, or is it me?” he laughed.

This time, he bent over me with a different look in those ocean blue eyes. His hand touched my face to move the hair away from my lips. He embraced me more passionately than before. Again, he lowered me down to the table. Crack. He didn’t pull me back up. Instead, he wiggled his hands out from behind my back to rest his elbows on each side of my head. I was inches away from his lips and raised my head to meet his mouth.

His lips were soft and full pressed into mine. Once his tongue parted me, his kisses became more erotic with intense desire.

“Doctor, I want you,” I sighed.

He was gorgeous with a fire ablaze in his eyes. He unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my black, lace bra and flung it over his shoulder. His mouth and hands groped my breasts hungrily.

With his pelvis face level to me, I tugged at his belt and found the zipper and unbuttoned his slacks eagerly. I reached for his very hard, wet cock. My lips wrapped themselves around his warm dick. The salt tantalized my tongue and I wanted more. His moans sent chills through my body.

Then Dr. Foster knelt in front of me while he lifted up my skirt to expose my thighs. The black G-string panties came off swiftly and I gasped in ecstasy with his warm breath between my legs. His lips caressed my wetness as his tongue lapped me gingerly. He reached up every few minutes to fondle my perky breasts and erect nipples. His mouth sucked on my tits before letting go to get on the table and lie on his back. I climbed on top into a 69 position. His tongue probed its way inside me. The Doc’s cock filled my mouth completely. I danced my tongue over and around his hardness with quick sucks at the tip, then taking the length of him all the way down. My hand worked feverishly as I stroked his cock while my mouth sucked him faster and faster.

“I’m gonna cum,” he moaned.

I felt his thighs tremble with pressure. He spilled himself into me. When his warm, thick cum slid down my throat, I swallowed every drop in contentment. My legs quivered in delight. I rocked back and forth into his face and climaxed with shallow, panting breaths. His lips and tongue ate me out in a frenzied, desirous passion.

His tongue slid across both mounds of my ass. I arched myself up like a cat being stroked just right. “I want you to fuck me so bad, it hurts,” I moaned while looking back at him.

Once he swelled again with arousal, his warm body climbed over me. He slid his cock inside my slit. A pleasured chill ran through me at once. In fevered passion, he rocked me with force. It was a tender, erotic ache. His hands forcefully locked onto my hips to keep me firmly in place. He was long and thick, filling every space I had.

I panted with shallow breaths and bucked back against his pelvis, begging him to finish me off. The erotic pressure felt incredible as I rubbed my clit to his thrusts. “Oh, yeah..mmm” he moaned.

His warm release filled me completely. I quivered in my own orgasm, knowing his juice had exploded into me. He rested over me for a while; our bodies both moist in breathless satisfaction. This adjustment was just what the doctor ordered and exactly what his new patient needed. As I dressed, he pinned me up against the wall for a long, wet kiss goodbye, then whispered in my ear to come back next week.

I had just enough time to get home an shower for my Valentine’s dinner date with my Mercedes. Driving this Corvette, though, was a hell of a lot of fun!

~Lauren StClaire

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