Double Your Pleasure

When I started college, people said it would be a time of new and unique experiences. I could only assume they meant Shane. He was by far the most open, adventurous lover I had ever experienced – passionate and loving, with a heavy slant towards wild and kinky. I had had boyfriends before, but not like him: sandy-blond, tightly-packed, every inch adding up to perfection. In the six months since we met, we’d done more new, exciting things in and out of bed than I’d ever dreamed of.

During spring break, when everyone else on campus had left, Shane had yet one more sensational sexcapade in store for me.

As usual, we’d made love the night before. With his roommates out of town, we had the entire house to ourselves and made use of every part of it. The next morning, while Shane was still asleep, I threw on one of his shirts, not bothering to button it, and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I was at the counter, smearing cream cheese on a bagel, when I felt two familiar hands around me. Tenderly, Shane kissed the back of my neck. Slowly, he slid his hands across my stomach and cupped my breasts.

I was sliding further into him, smelling the scent of his hair, feeling the firmness of his athletic body, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. Someone.

It was Josh, Shane’s roommate, leaning in the doorway. At first, it felt very erotic to be nearly nude and intimate in front of Josh. But I knew we had to stop. I gently broke free of Shane’s grip and gathered the shirt around me as I turned around.

Shane quickly looked over at Josh, not surprised to see him there. “I told you I had a surprise for you,” Shane said. “Remember that night when we discussed our most outrageous fantasies? And you said you wanted two men, just once? Well, I’m willing, and so is Josh. If you are.” He paused. “You don’t have to if—”

My mind raced. I’d always found Josh incredibly sexy. He was about 6’3″ and a member of the track and field team. Every time I was at the house and saw him running from the shower to his room, wrapped only in a white towel, I salivated over his thick biceps and tight six-pack.

I became extraordinarily aroused! At first I thought this was just a very vivid dream. My heart pounded as warm liquids flowed between my legs. I knew I wanted this, and nodded in approval.

“Are you sure?” Shane asked. I nodded again, too breathless for words. Pulling Shane close to me again and kissing him, our tongues met in mid-air, circling and intertwining. Shane’s lips moved down my neck, toward my breasts. I motioned for Josh to come closer.

The three of us made our way to the living room, where I disposed of the shirt I was barely wearing. I’d never felt so alive!

Shane grabbed the pillows from the sofa and threw them to the floor. Josh and I passionately kissed as he peeled off his clothes, throwing them across the room. I ran my lips down his chest, enjoying the feel and taste of his hard flesh. He groaned as I kissed his firm, round nipples. When he removed his pants, my eyes fixed on his gorgeous, thick cock. Running my hands down his tight thighs, I knelt and slid his erect tool into my mouth. A loud moan was all I needed to hear to know how much he was enjoying it.

For a moment, I got lost in the feel of his dick, thick and throbbing in my mouth.

Then Shane, out of his bathrobe, slid up behind me and lowered me to the floor. He kissed me again, moving his hands from my breasts to my ass. He trailed kisses down my body. At each of my breasts, he kissed my body. At each of my breasts, he kissed and licked my hardened nipples.

Watching us, Josh took his cue. Lowering himself, he turned my face toward his and began to kiss me gently on the lips. Hands, lips and flesh glided over me. Wetness oozed between my legs. Shane rolled onto his back and shifted me, so I lay directly on top of his large, muscular form.

Josh suspended himself with his strong arms over the two of us and I immediately felt I would come, right then, just being part of this delicious manwich. Josh spread my legs from behind and entered my dripping pussy with his slippery wet dick. As I felt him penetrate me and begin to satisfy my aching desire, Shane continued to delight me with kisses.

Josh thrust gently, all the way into me and then out again. He became more hurried, using his entire weight to pound his swollen muscle in and out of me. My body shook from his pummeling. Shane’s tongue slid into my mouth and began to explore every inner inch.

I could hear Josh’s breath grow shallow and I knew he was about to explode. Turning my head, I watched his face con¬tort euphorically as he unleashed his load.

After letting his body pump out its last drop, he pulled out his cock. I turned back around to Shane, eager to see what was next.

Josh planted lovely, appreciative kisses on my shoulder blades and drew his lips down the length of my back. Then he bent down behind me and buried his face between my legs. Passionately, his tongue darted around my clit. I gasped as his mouth explored my soft walls, so excited by this time that a climax was inevitable. I didn’t want to do anything to slow it down – I had to cum!

Shane, meanwhile, moved his delectable mouth down to my breasts. As his roommate licked and kissed between my legs, Shane fondled each of my sensitive nipples, kissing them, licking, gently biting and tugging. When he drew his mouth up to mine once more and kissed my trembling lips, I came, my insides lighting up and every part of my body expanding. Shane held me tightly as my orgasm ripped through my body.

My vagina was still throbbing from Josh’s loving when Shane’s cock eased into it. Slowly, rubbing my palms the length of Shane’s toned torso, I sat up, forcing my body to take in as much of his hard dick as possible. Pushing my weight downward, I straddled his pelvis and prepared for the ride of my life.

Busy enjoying the pleasures of Shane, I hadn’t been paying attention to Josh. Suddenly, he appeared standing to my right. His cock was hard again and directly in front of my face. I reached out and opened my mouth once more to take in his tool.

I’d never had two men inside of me at the same time, and the rush from that alone nearly made me faint.

As I sucked hard, Josh grabbed the back of my head. I seized his round, firm ass cheeks with one hand and toyed with his balls with the other. I could feel them ease up into his body and I knew he was about to burst again. But I tugged at them to prolong his (and my) outrageous pleasure. Finally, when neither of us could take it anymore, I released them and immediately felt his wad spurt into my mouth. After his last drop oozed out, he removed his cock and staggered over to the chair.

Shane had been madly ramming his cock inside me. The sound of Josh’s climax drove him to an even greater frenzy of pelvic thrusting. I undulated, in sync with his pounding, and could feel another climax brewing.

“Yes!” I cried, as Shane’s tool repeatedly pounded into my hole. My body quaked and I yelled out in pleasure as the largest orgasm of my life exploded inside of me like a thousand firecrackers. As soon as I was done, I felt Shane’s dick shoot its hot jets into me.

We collapsed onto the floor, a collage of legs and arms, exhaustion and ecstasy. I spent the rest of the day thanking them both, for bringing to reality my most forbidden fantasy.

~Laurel, Athens, GA

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  1. OMG there is nothing hotter than having 2 men please you. Screw the old thought that every man wants a 3some for himself… every woman should enjoy at least one 3some for HER! I found it amazingly hot & beyond sexy to have one man pumping me while the other I was sucking off and hearing the words “You gotta feel this man, she is hot as fuck” as he pumped and looked at his friend being pleasured!

  2. Ok, I have to fess up… I’ve always WANTED to do this but have always been too “weirded out”. Most guys comment that they wouldn’t “do a dude” and can’t quite understand that the other dude is the furthest thing from what you’re “Doing”!!!!! How do I get the men to WANT to do the threesome & realize they don’t have to be gay or bi-sexual, just want to please me every way?