Door Jam Cuffs Give Any Room "Dungeon Appeal."

Bondage toys should meet certain criteria. First and foremost they should be sexy. After all, nothing spoils the mood quicker than bulky uncomfortable and unattractive restraints. But perhaps more importantly they should save you a trip to Home Depot for another set of O rings to screw into the cealing. The Door Jam Cuffs from Babeland accomplishes both of those and more. Fleece bondage cuffs with Velcro closures attach to sturdy black nylon straps that fit over any door, this toy is the perfect to subdue your man in a standing position as you ravage him. Does he need a little corrective discipline? Face him against the door and his legs, ass, and back are now beautifully exposed and waiting to feel the sting of your whip or crop.

Scandalouswomen would be remiss if we didn’t warn you to regularly check the circulation in your lover’s hand if they’re secured above his head. Even though studies show lack of circulation for a short time do a lot of harm, prolonged lack of circulation is not a good idea. Watch for signs of a circulation problem like affected parts going cold and/or changing color (turning a purplish blue). No need for panic if this happens, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Think of it as an opportunity to move him from the door to the bed. Playing safe is paramount.

As bondage play becomes more and more mainstream, look to here for a female-friendly source to obtain the tools to take your power exchange games to the next level.

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