Don't Let Go of Jeremy Fernandez

Jeremy_FernandezDLG The pop/dance/urban arena is dominated by female singers these days, promoting their Generation Y-form of girl power. Hearing a young guy in the genre is a rarity. That’s what makes Jeremy Fernandez a special treat. Young (actually too young to be on this site reading this review), cute (ladies, he’s a doll!) and mucho-talented, Fernandez has just dropped his third single titled Don’t Let Go. This infectious latin-flavored jam is the perfect male counter-balance to Selena Gomez’s Come and Get It. Featuring guest vocals by Cymphonique, it has hints of rock (Fernandez is a talented guitar player) peppered with dub step, creating a hybrid sound that fans and new listeners will definitely enjoy. He’s not just treading on Justin Bieber territory, he’s kicked the door down and stomped all over it.

Though this may be the first you’ve heard of him, Jeremy has been in the business for years, cultivating a fan base know affectionately as J-Dezers. He’s appeared on TV shows from Law & Order to The Electric Company. He’s Currently working the new indie film, Little Miss Perfect.

Visit his website and facebook page for a sampling of his music. I’m sure you’ll agree we’ll be hearing a lot from him in the years to come. We have a free track for you below. Enjoy!