Does Fear Turn Us On?

What is it about the Halloween season that makes us feel so excited, so full-of-life? There is a new scary movies every night on TV during this season. And, we catch every one of them, not because we get off on unpleasant situations, but because there’s a rush that we experience from being scared. Everyone loves to visit a haunted house because you don’t know what’s behind the next corner.

Imagine you and your sweetie are walking along your town’s haunted trail. Suddenly, a ghoulish creature jumps from behind a dark tree. You shriek in horror, your heart is pounding, your face is flushed, and your eyes open wide. But once the initial shock is gone, you’ll most likely start laughing hysterically. Why? Because being scared is fun!

But what’s our real reaction when we’re scared? Yes, we clench onto our boyfriend’s hand and bury our face in his shoulder. Why do you think horror movies are such a great date? Faced with something that goes bump in the night, we search out intimate comforting, someone to give us security that everything will be OK. However, when we experience terror, our physiological reaction is much more than just “I’m scared.” The way your body responds to fear matches another very pleasant emotion—arousal.

You know the feeling — your heart starts pounding, your hands are sweating, and it seems like every nerve in your body is tingling. No, it’s not just how you feel during sex. It’s also your reaction to fear. Whether it’s a haunted house, a ‘cheating death’ moment, or taking a steep plunge on a roller coaster, studies have shown the way your body reacts to fear are similar – if not identical – to the physical reactions we go through during moments of sexual arousal.

Pulse Points

Sex-from-stress has not only been played out in many novels (i.e. wartime romances), but also on the big screen. Think of the multitude of horror movies where the star of the movie defeats the zombie, alien, monster, etc., then gets the girl. But people being turned on by terror isn’t just the creation of legends and Hollywood writers.

Think of all the times you clung to your boyfriend’s arm during the scary scenes in a movie. As the music picks up, indicating the monster is approaching, you find yourself snuggling closer and closer, transferring the intensity of fear you feel from the movie into an intimate connection with your man. Also pay attention next time you hit the amusement park. Watch couples as they come off the high-speed coaster. Notice how many people are touching, holding hands.

Rev Your Relationship! 

Just as your body is getting aroused from intense, fear-inducing activities, so is his. And if you are both getting hot-and-bothered by doing the same activity together, and transferring the excitement you feel back at each other—there will probably be some sparks flying in the bedroom later that night.

Many couples find that when their relationship is losing its ‘spark, taking up an adrenaline-pumping activity together can re-ignite some of that waning passion. But these fear-factor activities can also be a way to start a passionate affair. Looking to take a relationship with a friend to the next level this Halloween? Take them to a haunted house and see if there is more hand holding between you two in the dark, creepy tunnels. And then maybe, you’ll give him a first kiss goodnight.

So whether your looking to start a new hot-and-heavy affair or re-light the va-va-voom you and your man once had, this is the haunted season to do it—literally. By day, hit the high-speed coasters for an adrenaline rush. At night, snuggle under the blankets with some scary horror flicks or hold hands on a haunted hayride. However you choose to turn ‘scary’ into ‘sexy’, make this Halloween season one to really scream about!


  1. Only AFTER the fear has passed! Once you feel safe again you realize how exhilarating the feeling was. It’s quite the high and such a turn-on!