Diane Dous Has A Varied Musical Pedigree

Who is Diane Dous? She’s a… no, scratch that. THEY’RE a band without a member named Diane Dous. What they do have is such a wide variety of influences you could analyse their music all night and not be able to pin down exactly who they sound like. Their new single Wait, for example, is a mellow blend of Cure-Inspired melodies with just a dash of Pink Floyd. Dubbing themselves Psychedelic Pop-Rock, the band formed in 2012 by the guitarist/composer Lemon K and singer Patty M, a musically potent duo who both bring essential elements to the recording studio and live performances.

Lemon k is a lifelong musician who started playing acoustic, electric and classical guitar when he was just 15 years old. Self-taught at first, he later attended workshops taught by some of the biggest names in rock – guitarists like Joe Satriani, Pat Metheny and Yngwie Malmsteen. He cut his teeth on classical arrangements of Bach, Mozart & Debussy and bands like Whitesnake, AC/DC, Zeppelin, Portishead & Massive Attack. The result is a very unique style of playing instantly recognizable in all the band’s songs.

Fronting the band is Patty M., a leather-clad dominatrix (at least in style) who started singing at a very young age. Early on she collaborated with various bands, providing vocals and song lyrics. This multi-talented dancer and choreographer has studied acting and appeared in various music videos, commercials and stage performances. Her vocal style is both soulful and theatrical and perfectly matches her stage image.

Check them out now on Facebook. And, as always, we’ve hooking you up with a free track below.

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