Detra's Goth-Pop Bewitches Listeners

Nashville is all the rage these days with country crossover acts burning up the country and pop charts as well as a night time television drama based on the phenomena. You might say it’s a great time to be young and country. But don’t tell Detra that. This Nashville native is bucking the Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood blueprint in favor of something a lot more unique.

“Nashville is much more complex than purely country music.” she explains. And without a lick of twang, she proves it.

Detra’s music has more in common with Evanescence and other Goth pop offerings bubbling just below the mainstream’s surface. With a look and image inspired by Hollywood’s youth-fueled Vampire properties (Twilight, Vampire Diaries), Detra has the just the right packaging to attract a wide audience and just the right sound to keep them.

On her first single, ‘Breaking Dawn,’ Detra sings beautifully over a seductive piano-led melody. She has a deceptively big voice and puts it to good use. The song is simultaneously dark and sexy. There is no ‘Call Me, Maybe” innocence here. Instead, Detra’s tone insists, ‘Call me and I’ll cast a spell over you.” Any comparison to Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop song ends there, though. Powered by power guitar riffs, Breaking Dawn is much more complex than that, with much deeper lyrics and swirling melodies that expose not one but several memorable hooks along the way.

“Lyrically my songs sometime tend to be a little daring and I have to tame them down a bit.” Detra says of her writing style.

Breaking Dawn is, in a word, bewitching.

Currently completing her first full length collection, we can look forward to hearing more from this songstress. Who knows – maybe ABC’s Nashville will touch on this side of that town’s music scene. Quick! Someone the network’s top brass on the phone!

Here’s a sample:

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