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Movie Review:  The Cuckold
is an independent, well-thought-out and elegant movie about a not-so-new sexual fetish, called Cuckoldry. This includes what happens when black men are added to the mix. This form of sexuality is a part of reality that many people are in the dark about. In all actuality, this has been going on since Eldridge Cleaver wrote about it in his late-60s book, “Soul On Ice”. Today, it has flourished and a number of people engage in this form of sexuality, by their own admission. While one group views it as a beautiful thing, others may find it extremely objectionable.

This movie deals with the lives of various people, including Mark; a successful white businessman who consistently cheats on his white wife, Shannon (who is gullible and sexually prudish at first). Mark discovers that Shannon is growing affectionate of a young black artist named Maxwell. Regardless of his own infidelity, Mark’s discovery of this makes him increasingly distraught. There’s also Nicole (played by Amber Paul), who happens to be married to a black man, who falls into the “good black male” category. Nicole desires black men and feels “There is no substitute for a white woman!” Although she’s married to one, this doesn’t stop her from cheating on him with more virile, thuggish and hypersexual black men, including Luther (played by Tobin Tyler). Luther is the symbol of true masculinity; a militant, menacing and hypersexual black male who throws swingers’ parties, involving young, successful black men and white females of all types, from strippers to soccer moms and MILFs, as their Caucasian husbands and boyfriends watch. Regardless of how underhanded Luther may be, he cares about the advancement of other African-American men and separates the ignorant ones from the well-rounded ones. “I hate n****s”, he admits openly. He even asks questions like, “How can a four-footed Tom Cruise be `The Last Samurai’?” When Mark hears him discuss how blacks are portrayed in the American media, Mark tells him “How you’re portrayed in the movies is the least of your worries!”

Nicole is perhaps the greatest example of a tempting and bad (white) girl who prefers black men only. To Nicole, a black man is like “a cold glass of milk with Oreo cookies”. She opens up to the psychiatrist about why black women and white men despise seeing black men and desirable white women together, which escalates into my favorite line in the movie: “It ain’t because people imagine them arguing over hot sauce or mayonnaise. It’s because people imagine them [having sex]!” Nicole does not have a rainbow-slash-hippie complex at all. One day, among meeting Luther on a basketball court, she tells the stud about how uncomfortable she is around Latin men.

An independent film that allows the filmmakers blunt imagination to become an outlet without any holds barred, there may be two subliminal messages that seem esoteric, which involves a toy monkey and a piece of cotton places on a palm tree. Between scenes, almost every character is interviewed by a psychiatrist, explaining their take on the current state of black men cavorting with white women, including the sister of Nicole’s husband, who’s biggest fear is black women being abandoned by black men for “Girls Gone Wild tramps”, as she would say with the intention of being offensive. While this movie is unrated, it contains profanity, including graphic sexual dialogue, racial themes, a scene of violence and a very explicit sex scene, which is reminiscent to the sex scenes in John Singleton’s “Baby Boy”, Todd Solondz’s “Storytelling” and an X-rated interracial adult movie directed by Justin Slayer!

Unlike recent movies, such as “Black Snake Moan” and “Obsessed”, “The Cuckold” is a more realistic and explicit view of the current state of interracial intimacies between black men and white women. Also, the female and black male characters are far from dysfunctional. I can see why this film turned out to be an independent project. Simply for it’s graphic sexual depictions, which has a lot to do with Hollywood’s lack of interest in green lighting these kind of projects. The average viewer could easily call it an updated version of “Mandingo” or (the lifestyle itself) black exploitation. Fortunately, it’s not that simple. Mirroring today’s times, everyone acts upon their own instincts, by their own admission, without the consequences being as bizarre and pessimistic as they were decades and centuries ago. Could this be history repeating itself? Maybe karma. It could just be nature taking it’s course. While this is a part of reality that may scare some people, this 95-minute epic could never tell every detail as to what goes on in America’s bedrooms, as it pertains to Caucasians and African-American men.

Written by “Lwnorway,” a fitness guru and writer who covers black male sexuality

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.


  1. Because honestly in my opinion black men don’t appreciate or respect black women.He’s often bitter towards black women and downgrading black women.Black men constantly glorify women of other races particularly white and Latina’s.I’m not jealous or bitter if that’s what they want to do.But why is it that they become enrage when they see attractive,fit,successful and educated black women dating men of other races? I’ve been insulted and judged more than once for dating outside of my race by black men.