Demi Davis Jams a New Dance Floor Anthem

demi2As I’ve mentioned a number of times, I like all kinds of music – from rock to hip hop. I’ll even occasionally listen to country. But no style makes me feel as good as dance floor packing funk. If a song has a good beat and a certain kind of groove, this white chick is up and shaking her ass until she’s dripping with sweat.

So I was thrilled when Demi Davis’s new track Keep on Dancing appeared in my inbox. From the opening keyboard and percussion-filled riffs, this tune is a throwback to some of the great girl power dance hits of the 80s and 90s. I hear echos of early Madonna and Lisa Lisa in it, along with a heavy dose of Prince-inspired sounds from the Purple Rain days and an obscure tune from a Prince protege,  Tamara and the Scene, called Everybody Dance. Like that 80s gem, Demi’s attitude in this song is, “no matter what, we’re just going to party and have a good time, we’re going to keep on dancing.”

Haven’t heard of Demi Davis? Chances are you will. Her songs and videos have appeared on outlets like Blogtalk Radio, UCLA Radio,,, McDonalds Time Sq, Toronto TV and WPIX morning news, just to name a few. Quite an accomplishment for a writer/producer performer who’d never set foot in a studio until a few years ago.

Influenced by Garbage’s Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Pink, Cyndi Lauper, Blondie, The Sounds, and Surferosa, Davis has managed to put her own unique stamp on a tried and true style of dance music. At your next party, cue up Keep on Dancing and watch your living room quake. Move the couch, this could get serious!

Your free copy is here. And visit Demi online.

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.