Delivery Project

The meeting was about to start, most of the attendees had already arrived and had taken then seats.

Just as I was about to bring the meeting to order, Joe walked in. His slightly tanned skin showing up against the clean crisp white shirt he was wearing and his electric blue eyes looking across the room at me, sent a tingle all the way down my body and in between my legs.

Oh my, this was going to be a long day.

How was I going to control myself never mind the meeting, my clit was throbbing and I could feel the moistness between my legs, as I started to imagine where I would rather be and what I would rather be doing!

I started the meeting, it was all I could do to focus on the agenda for the day, thankfully my assistant was there to take the minutes and notes of the meeting, I knew I would be no good today.

It was going to take all my energy to concentrate as the programme director on this project and needed to direct the team, although at this point it felt as though there was only 2 of us in the room.

It was a long day, with shock waves shooting through my body every time Joe looked at me and oh his smooth seductive voice, washed over me as though his fingers were caressing every part of my body.

As the meeting came to a close and everyone was leaving, I offered to treat everyone to a drink in the hotel bar.

It turned out that everyone had to head off to other meetings or get flights/trains home, so it would another lonely night it a hotel, cela vie.

As I caught a cab to the hotel, I reminisced of the day and the emotions stirred in my pussy, the throbbing of my clit and the moistness between my legs, it had been a while since my body had been stirred like that.

As I walked into the hotel, the receptionist greeted me like a long lost friend, and offered me the key to my suite, the usual room for you, will you be joining us in the restaurant for dinner this evening, she asked.

Not sure at the moment, can I let me know when I get sorted, I will ring down if that’s ok. My mobile rang just as I was heading to the lift.

It was my husband, asking how my day had been, was there anything special that had happened. Had it been productive, Harry was a wonderful man, very kind and caring, but he had never been part of my world of delivery and budgets, he was a car enthusiast and was more than happy in his workshop with greasy hands all the way up to his elbows.  At the beginning of our relationship, Harry was a very good lover, we enjoyed sex but in the last year we had stopped going to bed at the same time and he didn’t seem to want to enjoy the physical side of our marriage anymore, it wasn’t a problem as we were both busy and we still loved each other.

I found a quite spot in the bar to chat to Harry about the day events and ordered a G&T to smooth out the tingling that was still racing through my body, Harry was a wonderful man, he loved me from the tip of my head to the soles of my feet (as he often told me) but Joe had really had a major effect on me today, I hadn’t felt that sexual chemistry for such a long time.

I knew I would need to have a long soak in the bath or a cold shower to compose myself.

I finished my call and G&T and made my way to the lift, I was busy checking my blackberry for emails and messages and the lift doors opened and I entered and pressed the button for my floor. As the doors were closing they bounced open again and who stepped through but Joe, OMG the shock that bounced through my body was electric….. My clit was throbbing again, my nipples were tingling and sore and hard as they pushed against the silk of my bra.

Joe stepped forward, sliding his hands around my neck, gently but firmly kissed me, pushing his tongue between my teeth and searching out my mouth, he pressed me against the wall of the lift and I could feel his hard cock against my belly, my pussy getting wetter and swelling with the excitement of what was coming.

The bell pinged as we reached my floor, we managed to compose ourselves enough to leave the lift and head for my room, the tension was building, I could feel the juices from my pussy at the top of my thighs, I knew what I wanted, what I wanted Joe to do to me and what I wanted to do to him.

I opened the door to my room, I walked in first, slipping my case to the side as I slipped off my jacket. I turned to face Joe, those electric blue eyes penetrating my very sole.

I pushed him against the wall and kissed him back as he had done in the lift, feeling his mouth with my tongue, imagining the ridges of his cock as I did so. I moved my hand down his body feeling the well-toned muscles under his shirt. I could feel his hard-on pushing against the crotch of his trousers, desperate to escape.

I slowly moved down his body, dropping to my knees, I loosened his belt and button and his cock bounced out, thick and hard, as I took him in my mouth and sucked hard, Joe let out a low moan, I knew he was enjoying every mouthful, I could taste him as his cock slid all the way to the back of my throat, the beads of cum that were escaping from his head, it was delicious.

Joe couldn’t take it anymore, he lifted me to my feet, undoing the buttons of my blouse and releasing my breasts from my bra, my nipples were hard and erect, I could feel his tongue working around my left nipple sending shocks through my body, Joe bit my nipple driving me crazy I couldn’t wait for him to start on my pussy.

Joe undressed me fully, discarding my clothes on the floor beside the bed, he told me to lie on the bed, I did what I was told, I was so looking forward to what was coming next.

Joe undressed and lay at the bottom of the bed, stroking my legs and kissing them as he worked up my body, those soft tender kisses driving me crazy, my naked pussy was swollen and throbbing, I was losing control.

Joe reached the top of my thighs and worked his way in between my legs, he could see how wet I was and slowly and deliberately sucked my clit, licking all the juices, working his tongue around my lips, he pushed my legs up and apart, sliding his tongue deeper inside me, tickling me with the tip of his tongue. I was so lost in the moment, then I felt his fingers slide inside me, two at first, searching deep inside, I felt them as he was slowly removing them, and then there were three and then four, oh the sensations were fantastic, overwhelming, I knew I couldn’t stop my orgasm for much longer, he was driving me mad. I could feel it building my pussy was starting to contract, Joe could feel it too, tightening around his fingers, he kept sliding them inside me, turning his hand as he did, to increase the sensations, then my body exploded, the contractions in my pussy, my back arching, I had no control, he pushed against the contractions inside my cunt, until I collapsed on the bed, he slid his fingers out and slid them into my mouth, tickling my tongue as he had done my clit, allowing me to taste my juices, he started to kiss me, and I could feel his body move on top of me, his cock sliding between my legs and inside me, stretching me has he did, his huge cock was rock hard, pushing deep inside me, I was off again, my body jumping and twitching to his every move.

Joe’s pace was building, his body strong and hard, just like is cock, I ran my hands down his chest and stomach feeling every muscle as he lifted is body from me as he worked deeper and harder inside my cunt, his cock pulsing as he thrust again and again, Joe’s eyes were fixed on mine, penetrating me just as his cock was,he let out a deep moan and exploded inside me, my every nerve ending contracting at the same time, I could feel his cock pulsing and shooting his cum deep inside me, again and again, he needed it just as much as I did.

As we lay there, I felt my pussy release his cock and he slid off and onto the bed beside me. Kissing and caressing my neck we lay together for a couple of minutes, Joe worked his way down my neck and onto my shoulder, the softness of his lips and the touch of his fingers, across my skin, I could feel every muscle in my body relax, it was bliss, lying there in the warmth of his arms and the plushness of the bed. I moved around so Joe could tickle the nape of my neck, with his finger tips and tongue, I was floating off into a satisfied snooze, his fingers working down my back, lingering down my spine and across my bum.

It was amazing laying there, all the stresses of the day gone feeling his warm body against mine, my skin tingling with the touch of his fingers and I felt his cock harden again, he was obviously feeling the same tingling as I was. Joes fingers worked around my bum, searching for my pussy again, I felt his fingers, push inside me again, getting wet sticky with my juices, as he removed them, he slide them up the crack of my ass and gently pushed against my ass hole, the shocks started again, like electricity pushing through my body, the excitement was taking over and I felt my body react, pushing backwards against his fingers. Joe gently worked my ass hole, teasing it until it opened a little, allowing him to push his finger inside, the sensations running through my body were incredible.  I was losing control again. Joe asked if it was ok to continue, you bet, I want you inside me.

Joe moved closer and I felt is hard cock slip inside my wet pussy, I was a little disappointed, but only a little, the sensations racing through my body, I knew I was going to enjoy this, but just then I felt Joe slide his wet cock out of my pussy and with a quick thrust he was inside my ass, the pain of his large rock hard cock disappeared quickly with all of my nerves hitting a new height of explosion. Joe pushed his cock slowly and deliberately deep into my body, I didn’t know it was possible. He continued to drive his cock hard and deep inside me, I couldn’t control myself, moaning and pushing back on his cock, I was coming again, it was incredible 3 times in one night, and in my ass, why had I waited so long to experience being fucked up the ass.

Joe pulled me up on all fours, so he could drive is cock deeper inside me, I was coming and there was no doubt about it, my cunt was throbbing and aching, I felt my ass tighten around Joe’s cock as I came, I let out a scream as I came and felt Joe explode inside my ass, working it until we were both spent.

We collapsed on the bed, hot, sweaty and exhausted, the air full of the smells of what had just happened and my cunt and ass aching after the amazing sex.

We lay there, enjoying the mood, I thought to myself,It’s going to be a long, very long project that we were delivering, 18 months of delivery, don’t think I will be using my gym membership much, but I intend to be very fit by the end of it all.

~Lesley R.
Edinburgh, Scotland