“Do you want everything on that?” This is the question Will asked the next customer in line. It was a question I heard several times an hour, eight hours a day, five days a week. And each time, I mentally answered him myself. While the woman in line said, “Extra pickles, please,” I internally replied: “Yes, yes, I want everything. I want you to kiss me, lick me, fuck me.”

Working side by side with William would have been enough to test any woman’s reserve. He has a surf god look long, blond hair, lean physique and a perfect tan. From the first time I spied him during second semester when he started working at the sandwich shop, I wanted to get the boy into bed, regardless of the fact that I my boyfriend owns the deli where we work and that Will is engaged. For weeks, I found myself staring at him whenever I could get away with sneaking peeks. I knew he was watching me, too, gazing the way men look at women when they want something from them. Something other than mayo or mustard, or whatever condiment was needed when making the next sandwich at the deli where we work.

Will never made a move because he knew I was taken and I never made a move because I didn’t know if Will and his fiance, Julie, would understand that Mike and I have an open relationship.

That is, until Julie came in one day, with a spark in her hazel eyes and a lilt to her voice. I knew from talking to Will that the two had been together for several years. They were both working to put themselves through grad school, with Will clocking hours at the deli, while Julie snagged the occasional modeling job, and I could see why. She was lithe and fit. That day she looked especially stunning, with straight black hair in two braids over her shoulders and full, pretty lips slicked a dark cherry red.

She was the only one in line the lunch crowd had already dispersed but she tapped her fingertips on the bell on our counter anyway, and then said, “Is this the button I’m supposed to press if I want to have my bell rung?”

I looked at her, and then over at William I caught the blush on his cheeks, even with his tan. “I wanted to meet your hot boyfriend and the woman that William is always talking about,” she said, smiling at me. “You’ve made quite an impression on him.” They want to play. That’s what I realized immediately. They wanted to play with Mike and me, and although William wasn’t able to put that thought into words, Julie seemed perfectly capable.

Wow. He’d been telling her about us. I could imagine exactly what had happened. He would go home each evening and describe how sexy he thought I was, and then the two of them would fuck while fantasizing about the four of us. How did I know that? It’s what Mike and I did nearly every night of the week.

“So, what do you say?” she asked. “Should we try a new kind of sandwich?”

“You know, I think we’re all out of that,” I told her. “Do you want to come to the back with me, and I’ll see if I can find what you need.”

She didn’t wait a beat. She came around the counter and followed me through the door to the back of the store, where Mike was taking inventory and one of our other employees was checking the boxes on the shelves.

“Hey, Joshua,” I said. “Can you cover the front for the next hour?”

Joshua didn’t hesitate. Thinly slicing salami was much easier than hauling boxes. “Send William back, too, please,” I said in my sweetest voice.

Mike looked at me, and then he looked at Julie. Mike is tall and dreamy as handsome now at thirty as he was when we met six years ago.

“Julie stopped by for a bite,” I told him, and he, instantly understanding, grinned at the two of us. Oh, how I love his smile. His green eyes lit up the way they do before he tastes something he’s been savoring a good beer at the end of a hard day, or a glass of well earned whiskey. But now was different. Now he was going to have his favorite treat ever.

We’ve always had the sort of relationship where we are open to new experiences. It is one of the reasons why we’re so good together we work to make each other’s dreams come true.

I could tell that one of those dreams was going to come true right now.

When Will joined us, he found Mike kissing his girlfriend while I stroked her long, glossy hair. She only had on a thin tank top and a short denim skirt, and I started running my hands over her bare arms, caressing her skin with the palms of my hands.

“Lock the door, would you?”

Will immediately obeyed and then stepped closer until he was at my side. “Do you like to watch?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He nodded and slid one hand around my waist. I felt myself starting to tremble. One of the things I like best about incorporating other lovers into our relationship is the blush of the new. I had been imagining what it would be like to fuck Will and Julie for months. Now that we were on the verge, I was as nervous and excited as a novice.

“You’re okay with this?” I had to ask. I could hear Mike whispering to Julie, and I was guessing he was asking her the same thing. She seemed to be a bit more experienced at this sort of thing than he was. She was fucking gorgeous she’d obviously had more opportunities.

“You’re so pretty, Caitlyn,” he said, “I’ve been wanting this for so long. Julie has, too.” He pulled me to him and began to kiss me, and I could feel how hard he was through his faded jeans.

“Tell me more,” I begged.

“I’ve wanted to bend you over the counter and fuck the daylights out of you.”

“Oh, yes.”

“But I didn’t want to do that without Julie or Mike.”

My husband helped Julie out of her short skirt as Will spoke. I noticed that the girl didn’t have any panties on underneath. She pulled her turquoise tank over her head, kicked off her high heeled sandals, and she was nude, standing there among the boxes of fresh peaches and cherries like some goddess of the produce. Mike locked eyes with me, and then he bent and brought his mouth to her nipples licking one and then the other, while Julie leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

I knew exactly how that felt. I adore when Mike takes his time with my tits kissing them, suckling from them. Somehow, it was almost more of a turn on to watch him treat another girl to the same pleasure, and I wanted to memorize the way that looked. Mike’s big hands cradled Julie’s firm ass, and he pulled her toward him so he could lick his way down the flat of her stomach and toward her pussy. My own sex reacted automatically. I could feel the juices coating my nether lips, and I clenched my inner muscles, as if fucking an imaginary cock. Then Will said my name, bringing me back into life and motion at the same time.

“Caitlyn, I want to see you naked,” he said. “Please take off your dress.”

Will stood back while I unfastened the buttons on my floral sundress, and then I let the flimsy fabric fall away. I’m not as tall as Julie, but I’m curvy my breasts slightly larger, my hips a little fuller. Will went on his knees on the cold concrete floor and pressed his mouth to my slit. Oh, fuck, this is what I’d been waiting for his sweet lips on my pussy, his tongue probing between my nether lips to find my pearl. I could tell immediately that he knew his way around a woman’s clit. He gave me the perfect pressure with his tongue and lips, and I was on the verge of swooning in an instant.

Will upped the ante by overlapping two fingers and fucking me while he sucked my clit. I groaned and trembled. I was having a difficult time standing up while he worked me. He seemed to understand. He pulled off his worn t shirt and spread it out on a flattened box, then lay me down on the makeshift bed. When he went back to the job of making me come, he did so with a vengeance, his tongue tracing spirals up and over my clit, while his fingers seemed to dance inside me, hitting all the right places.

So far, we were doing parallel play Mike spreading Julie out on a bit of carpeting and throwing her legs over his shoulders as he began to eat her out. The boys went lick for lick, and Julie and I were the happy recipients. I don’t know if it was a contest there were no formal rules, after all but I had the feeling that each man was working to see if he could get the other’s girl off first.

“I’ve been dying to taste you,” Will said, his lips covered with my juices. “You’re as sweet as I imagined.” He continued to lick and suck my pussy as I bucked my hips on the t shirt covered cardboard. I could smell the ripe produce from the boxes all around us, but I thought I could smell the scent of sex in the air, too. I turned my head and caught the fact that Mike had taken off his clothes he and Julie were in a sixty nine, with Will’s lady sucking my man’s enormous cock.

The vision intensified my arousal. I felt as if I were watching a real life porno movie in action. Once more, Will brought me back to him with his words.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked softly as he licked and nibbled my inner thighs.

“You fucking me,” I said. “While I watch my boyfriend fuck your girlfriend.”

Will groaned, and I knew I’d put my finger on the beating pulse of his pleasure.

“She’s been talking about this for months,” he confessed, “since she passed by the store that day and saw the two of you. All she wanted was to figure out a way to get the four of us together.”

We’d wasted all of those months when we could have been fucking? That thought made me wistful. Will’s tongue, back in action once more, drove my sad longings away. He gripped my clit between his lips and drew hard. The sucking sensation took me over the edge, and I wrapped my legs around him and rode out my climax, sighing as the sweet vibrations took me away.

My body still awash in decadent shivers, I turned my head right as Julie extracted herself from Mike and moved to our side. My heart raced as I watched her kiss the creamy sex juices off her boyfriend’s lips. “You’re so delicious,” she said, “and look at that you’ve given Will such a serious hard on. Do you think your husband will fuck me while Will fucks you?”

I didn’t think she’d have to ask Mike twice. He was already naked, and I watched as he moved over and gripped Julie’s hips from behind. Will was moving fast now, too, stripping out of his shoes and jeans and coming back to me on the cardboard bed. “Wait,” I said, standing and moving to a cabinet in the back of the storage area. I came back with an old quilt and spread it out on the floor. Mike and Julie moved onto one part, and Will and I took the other. We got as close as we could without actually intertwining. Mike prepared to fuck Julie, positioning her on her hands and knees in front of him. I saw how rock hard and ready he was, but before he could slip his cock inside her, I moved closer.

“Let me,” I said.

I gripped my husband’s rod in my hand and slowly drove the head inside Julie’s cunt. Will groaned out loud as he watched. I wanted to help, to be a real part of Mike’s experience. Mike seemed transported the look on his face was so intense. I knew he could take over from me. He didn’t need my help, but I wasn’t ready to move aside fully. I wriggled my way underneath Julie, so I was on my back beneath her pussy. Then I leaned up and began ever so slowly to lick where Mike’s tongue had been moments before. I knew my long, soft hair was tickling both her and Mick’s inner thighs. I made sure to push back a little farther, so that when Mick pulled out, he could feel my tongue first on his balls and then on his shaft.

I don’t know how long I teased them like this but apparently I was teasing Will, too. When he could not take the show any longer, he gripped me by the waist and pulled me out from under his lady.

“I have to fuck you,” he said.

“Kiss me first.”

This time, he kissed his girlfriend’s juices off my lips, and he trembled all over as he made the kiss last. Mike began to fuck Will’s lady in earnest, and Will watched for a moment. I could almost hear his heart beating. Then he got ready to do what I’d been dreaming about. But I wanted to stretch out the moment.

“Hold on,” I said. “I want to see you.”

That blush colored his cheeks once more, but he waited, and I took the opportunity to really drink in his body. I knew he was fit. You could tell even when he had his clothes on. But with his clothes off, I could see the ripped muscles, flat stomach and gorgeous cock.

“You ready now?” He was clearly growing more impatient by the second.

I nodded.

He positioned me how he wanted me and then slipped the head of his cock inside me. I sighed and lifted my hips up to him. He responded by pounding into me with such decadent rhythm that I felt myself getting ready to come again. The fact that my husband was doing Will’s girlfriend right at my side only intensified the experience. Mike locked eyes with me, and I could see that he was as excited as I was.

Will’s cock hit all those perfect places inside me. But it wasn’t just the fact that he was big, or that he knew how to use his rod. Because Mike’s big, too. It was the fact that we were all part of the same action. So that Julie could lean down and kiss me. Or I could stroke her tits and play with her plump nipples.

When Will said to Mike, “Tell me what she likes,” I thought I was going to cream on the spot. Because this is what I’d fantasized about. The four of us making each other’s erotic dreams come true.

“She likes when you touch her clit while you fuck her,” Mike said in his rumbling baritone. “You know, reach your hand between your bodies, and stroke and pinch her clit.”

I couldn’t believe how normal his voice sounded. He might have been giving Will directions for making a new type of deli sandwich: Spread the mayo on first, then add the sliced tomato. But no. He was talking about me. My body. My clitoris. And he was right. Mike then returned the query.

“How about Julie?” he asked, even as he continued to fuck her in a steady, powerful rhythm. “What does she love?”

I thought Will would respond, but Julie did.

“Exactly what you’re doing,” she purred. “Doggy style is my favorite.”

But Will added: “Pull her braids when she gets closer. And give her a few spanks on her ass. That always takes her over the edge.”

This was better than any fantasy I’d had, I realized. Because we were all working together, striving together to make each other happy.

Will did just what Mike had suggested. He pinched and tweaked my clit as he fucked me. I felt the pleasure begin to bubble up inside me. I was going to come, and come hard, and then Mike said, “Kiss her, baby. I want to see you and Julie kiss,” and the men stopped for a second, allowing me and Julie swivel around so that we could share a kiss. It was pure sweetness.

Mike sighed as he watched the two of us, and then he said, “I need you, baby,” and I knew he was talking to me. Julie and I looked at each other, and then switched places. Now my husband was fucking me, and Will was in Julie. Will did her doggy style and I was on my back, so if we moved just right, we could keep up our kiss, and I could continue to stroke and suckle her tits.

There was a happiness in me, a giddiness, because Mike had wanted to be the one who took me over the edge. I couldn’t stop smiling at him as he fucked me, then reached his own hand between us and played with my clit. I started to come then, to the sound of Julie’s groans, to the vision of Will pulling out and coming all over her bare backside, to the sensation of Mike grinding his hips against me and coming deep inside me.

I closed my eyes then and let the wickedness of the whole event overtake me. We had dipped ourselves in pure decadence. The reward was true bliss.

I took a moment to catch my breath and then I sat up on the blanket and watched as Julie reached for her clothes. Mike looked so relaxed and pleased. I was glad for that. He works so hard. He deserves dessert when he can get it. Will kissed Julie, and the two of them had a look of love in their eyes. I was reminded of Mick and myself so long ago, but I have to say, I’m glad for where we are now. Solid and together, at a place where we can unlock each other’s fantasies and then hand over the keys.

“Should we do this again?” I asked. “More planned next time. So we don’t have to fuck on a hard floor?”

Will nodded and Mike looked thrilled I’d made the suggestion.

Julie came over and gave me a kiss, and then she kissed Mike, and then she kissed Will.

“You can ring my bell anytime,” she said as she walked out through the door.

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