"Defined Lines," Feminist Answer to Robin Thicke, Goes Viral

Robin Thicke’s controversial hit “Blurred Lines” is getting the rebuttal treatment from a Feminist version. The clip,  which was briefly yanked by YouTube  for being too raunchy, has since gone viral.

Created by three Auckland University law students,  “Defined Lines” answers Thicke’s song with a  video that uses half naked men in submissive positions  instead of the topless women featured in the original version.

The parody takes aim at pop videos that objectify women, with students Zoe Ellwood, Olivia Lubbock and Adelaide Dunn singing: “What you see on TV/ Doesn’t speak equality/ It’s straight up misogyny.” Other lines include “You think that you’re so slick, let me emasculate ya! Because your precious dick can’t beat my vibrator!”

Check it out below:

[youtube id=”tC1XtnLRLPM” width=”620″ height=”360″]
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With political activists as parents, Stephanie learned gender politics at an early age and embraced stiletto feminism in high school. As a marketing professional, she’s written for a variety of publications. She founded www.scandalouswomen.com to be a voice for the sex-positive alpha female.


  1. That’s actually a bit embarrassing because it sounds quite angry. Humour or irony would have been a better way to make a point but this is just cringeworthy.

    Why, thank you James. Consider the audience. It’s always special when a guy comes to this site and critiques the content. LOL (rolls eyes.)