Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been reading Scandalous! since high school and I must admit it probaby influenced me in ways my mother would never approve of! Nick was my high school sweetheart but by the time we went to college, I was looking to explore new horizons which, unfortunately, couldn’t include him. So even though I broke his heart, we remained friends with benefits. He always said he wanted to stick around until I came to my senses and we could get back together – which made it a little awkward when I started seeing Brian. Nick was a sweet guy, sensitive and always eager to please me. He gave the best head! Brian, though, was a bad boy with a level of arrogance only matched by the size of his cock. Yum!

That’s how I found myself in a rather precarious situation – sitting with them both as they both made their case to me. I listened to the two men seated across from me snipe at each other for a few more minutes. I should have stopped them but I wasn’t sure how to begin. I had to make a decision. And there was no way to choose between them. It had started months ago. I’d thought I could handle two men at once. It filled up my social calendar, quite nicely thank you. Nick on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Brian on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon. Sunday and Monday nights were my rest and recovery time.

Last Wednesday it all came apart. Brian and I went out for a drink after work. We tried a new bar —it happened to be the place Nick hung out on his off nights. I couldn’t tell who was more shocked. Me or them. It was all very civilized. We decided to sit down and talk about it.

They seemed very eager to meet each other. Soon, I’d figured out why: big dick syndrome. They wanted to size up the competition. I could have answered that question for them. Brian’s cock was bigger. On the other hand, Nick had a definite talent for fucking that more than made up for the difference in size.

After thirty minutes of listening to them bitch at each other and boost their own egos, I was done with it.

“I’m the one who has to decide, right?” They nodded. “So, why are you two fighting like you get to make the decision?”

“Let’s face it, Jess,” Nick said. “You don’t like to make decisions.”

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was about to show him how quickly I could make a decision and tell him to get lost when Brian jumped in.

“He’s right, honey. You can’t even decide what to wear.”

I wanted to tell them both to fuck off, but damn it, they were right. I don’t like to make decisions. At least not ones like this. There would be no good answer. I would lose no matter who I chose.

I took a long drink of my wine. I had a feeling that I was going to need it before the night was over. They were both great guys, despite their behavior in the last half hour. The)” had qualities that complimented each other.

Finally, Nick broke the silence. “I think we should have a competition. Like they did during medieval times. The knights would have a competition and the winner would get the lady’s hand.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I laughed.

“What kind of competition?” Brian asked.

“Brian, you can’t be serious,” I protested. Neither man heard me.

Brian was a little taller than Nick and slightly more broad in the shoulders. So physical combat was out.

“I think we have a competition,” Nick said, “to see who fucks her better.”

“What?!” I could feel my eyes widening. He couldn’t be serious. I would never do it. It was outrageous. Liquid heat pulsed between my legs. I tried to brush the idea away. It’s ridiculous, I repeated to myself, but I was already off in fantasy land. My nipples tightened under my T-shirt.

“Let’s do it,” Brian agreed.

I don’t remember how it happened, but minutes later we ended up in my apartment.

“So, what are the rules?” Brian asked.

Nick paused, then shook his head. “Condoms at all times, beyond that, there are no rules. Once you cum, the other one takes over.” The two men shook on it.

“What about me?” I asked. This was supposed to be a competition for me. I was expecting a little something out of it, too.

The two men shared an arrogantly masculine smile before Brian said, “Don’t worry, baby, we’ll take care of you.”

A quick coin flip determined who had the first turn. I followed Brian into the bedroom.

[adrotate group=”9″]“This is ridiculous. I—” Brian’s mouth covered mine, his tongue surging between my lips. His hand wrapped around my thigh and pulled me up against his hard cock. We couldn’t really be doing this, my mind objected. Of course, my body was able to drown out the protest after a few well-placed kisses from Brian. My clothes disappeared at some point. Time slowed and finally vanished when I was naked and writhing on the bed. Brian was giving me his all. He knew his strong point was the size of his cock, so he usually hurried through the pregame and got to the main event. Tonight he lingered. He sucked on my nipples and fingered my pussy until I thought I would scream. I was begging for it by the time he settled between my legs.

He surged deep inside me, his massive manhood filling me to overflowing. I sighed. This was what I wanted. Brian began a deep, hard rhythm, pressing against my clit as he drove himself to the hilt. The click of the door opening drew both of our attention. Nick strolled into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. Brian paused, his chest heaving as he tried to speak without losing his rhythm. “Do you mind?”

Nick shrugged. “No rules.”

Brian’s hips slowed. My body screamed in protest. He couldn’t stop now. He felt too good inside of me.

“Don’t stop,” I begged. I pressed my hips against his. He slammed down deep inside me.

Nick lay on the bed and propped his head up with one elbow, watching us. I tried to ignore him but I’d never been watched before. It was delicious. His breath soon joined ours, deep and panting. He was getting turned on just by seeing us. Nick opened his pants and pulled out his cock. Slowly, he rubbed his hand up and down its hard lengdi. Brian got even harder inside of me, and moved deeper.

“That’s it,” Nick whispered. “Oh baby, you look so beautiful when you cum.” Brian’s cock and Nick’s words connected in my body. The tension between my legs exploded and I arched my back. Seconds later, Brian groaned his release.

I sagged back onto the bed, my body totally sated and relaxed. Brian rolled over and looked at Nick. “That’s how you fuck this girl.”

Nick moved over and immediately slid inside me. He was hard but not demanding. He lowered his head and placed warm, seductive kisses on my neck. It was a great way to afterglow, with another cock hard inside me, ready to give me more. I barely noticed when he started to move, slow rhythmic circles with his hips, gently, a complete counter to Brian’s hard pounding. A long, low moan escaped from my lips. The tension in my pussy built in tiny waves that kept getting stronger. 1 arched against him, desperate for more. He moved so softly. It was enough to get me excited, but not enough to satisfy me. He teased me until I heard myself begging for him to finish. He pressed hard and deep. I came, my cry filling the room. He tensed over me and I knew hed come. I closed my eyes, exhausted. When I opened them again, I was alone.

I stood and staggered my way into the living room. Both men stood silently waiting. Nick smiled when he saw me and followed me into the kitchen. My mind was still fogged from the action in the bedroom.

“Hungry?” I asked Nick.

“Oh veah.” The deep tone of his voice told me he wasnt talking about food. He dropped to his knees and pushed aside the silk of mv robe. Mv head fell against the door of the refrigerator as he pressed a light kiss on the top of mv pussy. Slowly, he worked his way downward, teasing me, pulling me, until I was begging for his mouth on mv dit. Nick was the master at eating me out. Mv bodv should have been completeh satisfied, but with the first touch of Nick’s mouth, I wanted more. I held onto his head and wrapped my leg over his shoulder.

Nick licked his tongue deep inside. I slid my hand up my breast and rubbed my tight nipple. I shuddered, trying to hold off my orgasm. I didn’t want it to end.

I opened my eyes. Brian stood in front of me, leaning against the kitchen door.

Nick lifted his head, his mouth wet from me. “Want to help?” he asked. Brian nodded.

“What?” I stuttered as Brian approached.

“You’ll like it,” Nick promised as he returned his mouth to my bush. Brian’s lips closed over my nipple. I groaned. It was too much. Their mouths worked with each other. A coil of heat wound tightly around my clit and ached so intensely, I almost passed out. My legs collapsed as I orgasmed. Two sets of hands caught me and lowered me to the floor. Brian’s cock slid inside me from behind.
Nick sucked on my tits and fingered my clit, adding to Brian’s hard thrusts.

The night blurred into one long fuck. Our three bodies blended together- a long hot night of skin and sex and sky-high orgasms. As the sun came up, the three of us lay in my bed, touching, too tired to do anything else.

When I woke up hours later, I was alone. My body ached in a delicious way. There was a note on my kitchen counter: Meet us at the Cafe. 7:00 tonight. Brian & Nick.

I knew what they expected. I was supposed to make a decision about them. I couldn’t decide. They were each great in their own ways. Brian was strong, tough and had that wonderfully huge cock. Nick was funny, clever and very inventive. I was going to lose one of them, and I couldn’t bear it.

I trudged into the cafe that night. The two of them sat across from each other. The tension that had existed between them last night was gone. I walked up to the table, ready to break my own heart.
Nick smiled as I approached. “Have a seat.”

I sat down. They stared silendy at me.

“We’ve come to a decision,” Brian announced before I could speak.

“You have?”

“We decided last night wasn’t a fair test,” Nick said.

“It wasn’t?” My mind was racing. Last night had been incredible!

“We think you need a little more time to decide,” Brian said.

Nick nodded. “And a few more test opportunities.”

My tired mind finally caught up. “Opportunities like last night?”

They looked at each other, smiled and nodded. Heat enveloped the table. They both reached out and took one of my hands in theirs. Nick’s hands were soft and seductive as he teased my palm with his fingertips. Brian’s hand was rough and he clasped my hand like he was about to drag me back into a cave.

“Sound good?” Nick asked with a sensual smile that sent shivers down my spine.

“I think that might be best,” I was finally able to reply.

After that night, my schedule changed a bit. Tuesday and Thursday were still Nick’s time; Brian’s time was Wednesday and Friday. Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, sometimes Sunday and Monday nights became “our time,” – all three of us.

~Gwen L.
Springfield, MA