Daughter Of A Preacher Man

“Forbidden fruit never tasted so good!” Lauren Beckle exclaims with a girlish giggle. She points to a place on the floor several yards from a podium.

“I lost my cherry right here only a few yards from where daddy preached a fiery sermon just an hour before.”

I stared at that point where the deed was done for a few seconds then asked, “And that made it a little more delicious to you?”

“Hell yes!” Lauren replied. “Being a preacher’s daughter, I was lectured about the evil of sex from the time I could walk…It was only fitting to be fucked the first time in my daddy’s church!”

Currently the church secretary, Lauren is very straight forward about the lifestyle she leads unknown to the leaders and members of her congregation. Filled with tales of illicit escapades throughout high school and college, She is quick to point out that she has settled down for the most part.

“Do I cuckold my husband? Most definitely yes! But I’m not as wild as I once was.”

Lauren has lived, and continues to live, the stereotypical life of a preacher’s daughter. Raised in a strict southern baptist home, she rebelled at an early age at what she only half seriously calls “an oppressive regime of tyranny!” A self proclaimed “bad girl,” as a teen Lauren set out to prove she could be just as “scandalous” as the next girl.

“Oh sure, smoking, drinking, partying on the weekends…I can remember several times as a teen still having a buzz in church from the night before!” She also recalls what she describes as some pretty wild sexual adventures in church buildings with boys from the congregation.

“It wasn’t so much that I was worried people would peg me as a goody-goody because of who my father was,” She explains. “I just had a really strong sexual appetite and making me the daughter of a minister must have been a joke of nature!”

Today Lauren, in her early 30s, works as the secretary for the church while most of her wild days remains a secret. However, she does take lovers from time to time in addition to her husband.

“He understands my nature…praise the Lord for that!”

The “preacher’s daughter” has become a symbol in our society of corrupt purity and girl-gone-bad rebellion. The mystique often stems from the desire to prove that one is not as wholesome as they appear. In reality, a certain amount of teen rebellion is expected in any situation where one is being raised in a strict household. However, when they are told that the overwhelming feelings they have are “evil” and that “eternal torment awaits” for anyone giving into hormonal urges, the desire to escape is stronger.

Jessica Darnel is in her first year of college and has what she calls a “severe case of freshmanitis.” Away from home for the first time, she’s studying parties and men much more than English Literature.

“I have A LOT of catching up to do!” She explains. “Being from a small town in Georgia, EVERYONE knew what you were doing and with daddy being the preacher…well…I just had to be on my best behavior most of the time.”

No more. After tasting the fruits of the secular world, including several lovers, Jennifer is making up for lost time. “I had a boyfriend in high school who once told me I was a bad girl waiting to happen, well, it just took me a while!”

Jennifer has also become involved in several feminist causes, raising the ire of her father, including a campaign to make people aware of how women are treated in middle eastern countries.

“They have to cover their faces, sex outside of marriage is punishable by death, it’s almost like they’re scared of the sexual power women possess…All of the women in the middle east are like preacher’s daughters,” She comments. “They have a long way to go before they can rebel.”

Be that as it may, the forbidden fruit of female sexual power and independence looms like an ripe apple ready to drop from it’s tree. And for women who’ve been taught that what they feel is evil, the forbidden fruit never tasted so good!