Dating a Male Stripper

How about dating a male stripper? Do you consider it to be impossible? Yes, most girls think dating a stripper or a topless waiter is something to be on their “NOT TO DO” list, bearing in mind  those hen nights, girls night outs they gave extra attention, private parties, stage performances etc..  Girls tend to think they would never be able to go out as usual couples or dine out with families as they will always have to keep his stripper job as a hush-hush point.  Therefore being reluctant to take an extra step towards a hunk in judgment they are being sold in front of the rest of the women at a club.

However, keeping the traditional thought behind, have you ever thought of the bright side of your partner being a stripper, or perks of dating a male stripper? I’m sure most of you are not! But, women pay to watch them move, dance or for extra attention. They are professional entertainers who deal with hundreds of women, thus strippers are very much thoughtful people than ordinary guys you meet, they always be aware of your requirement, thus it is beneficial to date a man who understands you and entertain you in every other way.  You will get all sorts of entrainment free of charge while the rest of the world pays for him.

You really don’t have to lie when your friends and you wants to go to a stripper club, no excuses, no worries, you can enjoy your night as much as you want along with your friends at stripper parties and clubs,  nevertheless, you will be able to recommend good strippers for friends for their private functions moreover.

We are not here to discuss marriage, therefore why not enjoy your life a bit with a guy with good moves. Talented strippers make good money at the end of the day and who knows whether it will be the stepping stone for a long journey! Maybe marriage is on the cards! Maybe one of the guys on a new male strip club show in Melbourne might be your next date!

Forget the excuses and million reasons as to why not, but think of the brighter side of dating a male stripper or  topless waiter as the life is meant to be take pleasure in! Go get em girls!


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