Cynergy 67 Seduces and Entices with “Porcelain”

Rock music offers its own unique kind of sexy. It is the type of sex appeal that is dirty, edgy, free from inhibitions and enticing to even the most prudish of individuals. There is something about the power of the music that takes possesion of you like an intoxicating substance, turning up the temperature and igniting hidden flames. The sounds of rock are the vibrations that lead women to unleash the girls with a shimmy or two, tossing their unmentionables on stage; it is the convergence between gritty vocals, moaning guitars, and pulsating drums that bring out the inner bad girl. One band is plucking wall-flowers off of the floor one by one, leaving them just slightly hot and bothered with a sound that is deliciously innovative.

Milwaukee band Cynergy 67 is leaving a trail of gushing fans feeling very warm and giddishly flustered with the release of their sexy single Porcelain from their EP Afterglow Pt. 1 Anticipation. Porcelain is an eclectic rock and electronic fusion that teases fans with tantalizing rhythms and sensual ambiance. Draping against the electrifying sounds of hypnotic vibrations and engrossing instrumentals, the single whispers flirtatiously and roars wildly, giving way to intense moments and profound poeticism.

The band delivers a distinct sound that expresses infectious personality and a highly addictive sound. Sultry lyrics and lusty vocals deliver a satisfying amount of eroticism and visual imagery, appealing to unchained souls and unrepressed spirits romping wildly about… the photo captured in a musical escapade, beckoning to be replayed. “Porcelain” is a fantastic journey with supple twists and enticing turns, a seductive track luring fans in with a simply irresistable experience.

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Cynergy 67 describes their unique sound as “Hypersexual Electro Rock”. Endorsed by companies like Ohmibod music powered vibrators and many more, the band is comprised of trio VX-5, Evo-1, and Mundayne. Throughout their journey the band’s sound has evolved into a fusion of industrial, techno, and rock sounds. Known for their visually stimulating live performances, the band has garnered critical acclaim as well as several endorsements. “Porcelain” is the current single on their EP ‘Afterglow Part. 1 Anticipation’. As you are blotting away dripping sweat from this steaming hot single, keep an eye out for their upcoming music video for “Porcelain”, coming soon.

Take a listen below.

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Mika Lucio, a native of Staten Island, NY got her start in music as a college radio DJ at Bradford College in Massachusetts. She received her degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. As a trained dancer and recording artist, Lucio has appeared on national television on shows such as BET’s 106 & Park. Managed by Ruishella Sellers of Myjestik Entertainment, Mika recorded her first album at 19 years old with Hampton Roads indie group M.E.C. An avid music lover of all genres, she is always looking for fresh new music to add to her digital collection.