Cyber Satisfaction

My fingers leap across the keyboard as I seduce my latest cyber-lover.

Hard4U: My tongue goes in your pussy, slides to your clit…
WetNwilD: Please, please, I’m begging you, give me that hard cock
Hard4U: Oh yeah baby, tell me what you want
WetNwilD: I want your cock. Is it good and hard?
Hard4U: Oh yeah baby, it’s good and hard
WetNwilD: Tell me what it feels like
WetNwilD: Is it throbbing?
WetNwilD: Are you there? Hard4U?

With such a long pause, I know that Hard4U is hard no more. I stick a pin in Bismarck, North Dakota – Hard4U’s hometown. Only 17 more states, and I’ll reach my goal: to cyberfuck in every state.

Interesting goal for a 22-year-old college senior. But I admit, I’m a chat addict. I don’t give out my real name, but I’ve been known to send out my pic. It shows me in a thong bikini, lounging topless on a beach. I love that picture. My smile makes me look like I’ve just been fucked. The photo was taken by my real lover, Brent. And come to think of it, I had just been fucked. We spent three marvelous days in the Bahamas, fucking and sucking our brains out. I dream of those days. Brent is so busy now with his computer programming work that I’m often alone. Thank god he for the Internet. Sometimes, I wonder if he’d be pleased with the way I use it.

Sighing, I surf the Net some more. I still have a lot of states to conquer. I search through the list of rooms, seeking a cyber partner from one of my missing states – namely, those in the Central and Midwestern U.S. I enter one of my regular rooms and notice a chat name I’ve never seen, Coyotejoe. Sounds Western to me! Promptly, I type, “Hi Joe, where are you from?” His answer, Montana, makes my body tingle.

We chat briefly and I ask Coyotejoe if he would be willing to teach a coed how to howl. I smile when an instant message pops up on my screen. Now we can talk privately, in graphic detail, without interruption.

Coyotejoe: Howdy Wet
WetNwilD: Hey Joe, what makes you howl?
Coyotejoe: If you get wet and wild the way I think, then you do
WetNwilD: Mmmmmm….now Joe what do you mean by that (VEG in chat means Very Evil Grin and in fact, I am smiling.)
Coyotejoe: But this isn’t about what makes me howl. I thought you wanted me to teach you how to howl
WetNwilD: Ok Joe but I must insist on one thing
Coyotejoe: What’s that darling?
WetNwilD: That you type with only one hand
Coyotejoe: Really why?
WetNwilD: Cause I want you to use the other one to stroke your dick
Coyotejoe: Ok then I must insist that you type with one hand too

Complying, I slide my hand under my silk negligee, plunging two fingers into my juicy wet pussy. I hadn’t realized how excited I was.

WetNwilD: Teach me how to howl
Coyotejoe: Sure Wet, my pleasure. I want you to touch your nipples. Are they hard?
WetNwilD: Oh yeah, they’re hard (I squeeze my nipples with a free hand.)
Coyotejoe: I’d touch your nipples, lightly enough to cause chills, and I’d take your left breast into my mouth. Do you feel it?
WetNwilD: Oh yeah Joe tell me, what cums next?
Coyotejoe: You, I hope!
WetNwilD: Only if you’ll join me Joe

Moments pass without a response from Joe and I realize that somewhere in Montana, Coyotejoe is beating his meat, staring into the monitor, reading my words. The thought is exhilarating. I lean back and stroke my pussy. Within seconds, my juices squirt in a delightful explosion. I enjoy the sensation, my thoughts turning to Coyotejoe.

WetNwilD: Joe? Still there?
Coyotejoe: Haven’t gone anywhere Wet
WetNwilD: Did you cum Joe?
Coyotejoe: I thought the idea was to make you howl Wet
WetNwilD: I want to make you feel good
Coyotejoe: It makes me feel good to make you cum Wet
WetNwilD: But you have to cum too Joe (How can I explain to him that I need to mark his state?)
Coyotejoe: It’s late now Wet and I got to get some shut eye
WetNwilD: Wait Joe

Too late. Joe’s gone. That night, I dream of mountains and cowboys. When I open my eyes, I see Brent standing next to the computer, looking at my map with a strange expression on his face.

“What’s this?”

“Research,” I answer, stretching.

“Research? Don’t you have a class this morning?”

“Yeah, but I decided to be a little late,” I say pulling Brent into bed.


Slipping into the lecture hall, I quickly find my seat. My friend Andrea looks up from her notes. “You’re late again,” she whispers.

“Yeah, well, I was doing research.”

“What kind of research?” Her dark brown eyes search my face.

“Why don’t you come by tonight and I’ll show you.”


At home, I curl up in bed next to Brent as he turns over and pulls me close for a deep kiss. I push him down my body and he hungrily feasts on me. I start thrusting, forcing his tongue deeper into me. It feels so wonderful! I am concentrating so intensely that I don’t hear the alarm.

“I’ve got to go to work,” he murmurs.

I look up at him, pleading. “Not yet. Please stay!”

“I can’t, baby.”

And with that, he walks into the bath¬room and turns on the shower. I lie back in bed, sighing. Why does he always have to go to work?

After he leaves, I check my e-mail and see a message from Coyotejoe: “Dear WetNwilD…Thanks for howling for me last night. I’ve thought about your delicious, wet pussy ever since. Hope to see you again soon. Coyotejoe.”

It’s the chat equivalent of flowers the next day. I am so pleased and intrigued that I send Coyotejoe my pic.

I move into a chat room and converse with a guy who says he loves beaches, skiing and beautiful women. I guess that he’s from a coastal state.

SBeach: Hello Wet
WetNwilD: Hey Beach, where are you from?
SBeach: CA, how bout you?

(I knew it! California is covered with pins.)

Just then the doorbell rings. Andrea! I had forgotten. She wears tiny denim shorts and a white T-shirt that clings close to her body.

“What took you so long to answer the door?” she demands.

“My research of course.” I smile and lead her to the computer. Andrea sits down and peers into the monitor. SBeach is still trying to contact me.

SBeach: Wet? Are you still there?
WetNwilD: Yes Beach I’m still here
SBeach: Good… Thought you left me
WetNwilD: Oh Beach I’d never leave you
SBeach: I like that…. Tell me what you look like Wet

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t chat this long with a guy from a state I don’t need, but I want to watch Andrea’s reaction. She is staring intently into the monitor, absorbing every word. I give SBeach a description of her.

WetNwilD: 5’4″, 115 pounds, brown hair, big brown eyes
SBeach: You sound incredible Wet
WetNwilD: I am incredible Beach
SBeach: And what are you wearing Wet?

My eyes stroke Andrea’s body.

WetNwilD: A white T-shirt that shows off my enormous breasts and hard nipples.
WetNwilD: And little denim shorts that show off my nice round ass and long legs
SBeach: Mmmmm, very sexy. What do you like to do?

Andrea giggles and I smile at her.

“Tell him” she starts.

“No, you tell him.” I place her hands on the keyboard. “I’m going to get something to drink.”

Deliberately taking a long time fixing my drink, I hear Andrea clicking away on the keyboard. I walk back into the room and move a chair close to the computer. SBeach is describing how he would lick Andrea’s pussy. Andrea’s responses are quick and hot. This girl’s a natural!

“So this is your research?” she asks with a shy smile.

“Yes, it takes a lot of hard work,” I say, “But the benefits are outstanding.” We laugh. Within a few minutes, I realize that SBeach is getting off. Andrea, her face flushed, is obviously excited by this fact. She continues typing until he signs off. “Oh, he had to go,” she pouts. “I wonder why?” We explode in laughter. I explain my goal, showing Andrea the map. Glancing at the monitor, I notice Coyotejoe is sending me a message! I jump into the chair.

“Who’s Coyotejoe?”

“A guy I talked to last night—from Montana.”

WetNwilD: Hey Joe! I’m here
Coyotejoe: Howdydo Wet! I was hoping you would be on
WetNwilD: Hey Joe, I’ve got a friend here with me tonight. She likes to chat too
Coyotejoe: She? You mean to say I’m talking to two beautiful women?
WetNwilD: You certainly are Joe
Coyotejoe: I really like the pic you sent Wet. Does your friend have a picture?
WetNwilD: No Joe she doesn’t
Coyotejoe: You know what I’d like Wet?
WetNwilD: What’s that Joe?
Coyotejoe: I’d really like a picture of you two beautiful ladies together

What a wonderful idea! I take out my digital camera and take a couple of shots of Andrea. I reach over her to type.

WetNwilD: Hey Cowboy, what kind of pics do you want?
Coyotejoe: Full body shots if you please

I set the timer on the camera and stand next to Andrea. We put our arms around each other and just as the camera flashes, Andrea lifts her shirt and exposes one breast. I like her attitude.

Coyotejoe: Yahoo! Your friend sure ain’t shy
WetNwilD: Guess not Joe
Coyotejoe: Wet you need to get in the spirit!
WetNwilD: Ok Joe, tell us what you want
Coyotejoe: How about a picture of you licking your friend’s nipples?

I look over at Andrea, not sure how to proceed, but she has already spread herself on the bed, her hand pinching her erect nipples. I set the timer and join her. I feel a rush of excitement as the flash goes off, my pussy juices cascading like a waterfall.

We move the computer close to the bed. Handing the keyboard to Andrea, I set the camera to take pictures every three minutes. She laughs.

“What?” I ask.

“You’re not going to believe what else he wants.”

I lie beside Andrea and read Coyotejoe’s wish list. His descriptions make my face turn crimson and my pussy twitch with anticipation.

“Do we give it to him?” I ask Andrea.

“I’m game if you are.”

We slip off our shorts and move to our knees in the center of the bed. Andrea places both hands on my breasts. The camera flashes. I move down her back and slowly slide off her panties. She’s moaning. Parting her well-groomed bush, making sure my face is still in the picture, I take my tongue and move it slowly across her clit. Andrea is so vocal about her pleasure that I’m not surprised when after a few minutes, her pussy contracts and shoots exquisite juices all over my face. The camera records it all.

Andrea removes my panties, and using her tongue and fingers, she brings me to one of the most incredible orgasms of my life. I tell Coyotejoe I will download the pics and e-mail them to him. Wanting to make Joe happy – and ourselves – we continue satisfying each other until we fall asleep.

In the morning, I awake to find Andrea curled around me – and Brent leaning against the wall, watching us. I bolt upright.

“Brent,” I start, but there’s nothing else to say. Andrea wakes up, sees Brent and pulls the sheet over her body.

Without saying a word, he walks to the computer and shuts it off. He takes out a pin and places it right in the middle of Montana. Turning to us, he says, “Forestgrove, Montana.”

“What?” I ask.

“Forestgrove, Montana. That’s my hometown, WetNwilD.” Brent says in his best John Wayne impression. “I want to thank you, Wet, for sending me those mighty pretty pics of you and your friend last night.” Suddenly, I understand. I look at Andrea, who’s beaming. “And I want to tell you two sensational ladies one other thing,” he adds.
“What’s that?” we say together.

“Cyber is great,” Brent says, unbuttoning his shirt. “But there’s nothing like the real thing.” And with that, he joins us in bed.

~Miranda, Seattle, WA

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